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Was Skid Rows I Remember You, Ever In A Movie?


I have a feeling it was but wikipedia says no. wiki doesnt lie!


If it was, that movie probably sucked.


nah, wikis telling you lies


The only movie that I remember featuring a Skid Row song was The Prophecy. They used "Breakin' Down" in the credits.


DZA - the internet does not lie.

What was it in?




lol the great wikipaedia information station, its still a big n.o from me.

but if it proves me wrong, yes the movie must of been gay.


Sebastian Bach is awesome !

They played I Remember You at the end of that Morgan Freeman movie where he was the principal of the bad school.


and the name of the movie .....??? but yes sebastian bach was cool, awesome voice


Lean on Me....must I look everything up ?


Lean on Me?


holy shit vader , i think your right about the title of the movie, but im still unsure of the song being in there . man that morgan freemans a bad ass actor, that took me back


nah i just googled it and guns n roses were the only band close to skid row on there !!!!


Nah...google's wrong...go watch the end of the movie...halfway through the credits it comes on and they even intermingle some of the video.


dude googles never wrong lol, and no thanks im not gonna go watch a old ass movie id have to pay money for , just to watch the end credits.

...bows to sen say , walks off muttering fucken google!