Was Pec/Shoulder Pain the Start of Gyno?

Last week about a month in of Test E 300 mg per week, I had pain in my left pec. Wasn’t near the nipple it was more towards where my pec meets my shoulder. Didn’t really hurt but I knew it was there. Sort of like a bruise when I touched it, felt sort of meaty though. Could really feel it when I pulled my shoulders back. Started taking my Aromasin. Worked out my chest and the weirdness is gone (took about 2 days). Was this gyno or just a slight muscle tear?

Prob just a muscle pull. A tear wouldn’t go away like that and would bruise up heavily.


Doesn’t sound like gyno at all. Coincidence that it went away when taking Aromasin. Can’t imagine one dose of Aromasin would be responsible for it going away.

Thank you for the replies. I believe you were correct. Do you think I can stop taking my Aromasin?

Yes you can stop taking it