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Was on TRT for 3 Months Then Advised to Stop

I will do my best to explain my situation without going into detail but want to give some background to what I was being treated to where I am today.

I am 46 years old but want to mention when I was about 15 years old I was told by an endocrinologist I had delayed puberty. I don’t recall the mg but I would see the doctor for what I remember bi-weekly injections in my buttocks. I do not remember how long I did this for but fast forward to my 40s I was always feeling anxious, irritable, moody, difficulty concentrating and no sex drive. My wife convinced to me to see a psychiatrist and that’s when the cocktails of medications started. I realized it was not helping me and was making feel like zombie so I decided to look up my endo from 30 years ago to find he was still alive!

After my test results proved that my testosterone levels were low he was concerned for a possible tumor on pituitary gland but the MRI results were negative. I started 200mg weekly injections on 12/26/2018. By February I was feeling even worse. I had high blood pressure and I gained over 25lbs! My family members noticed my face and neck were swollen and that’s when I started to think I was retaining fluid. On March 19 the endo told me to stop the injections so he can see what my blood results show.

I received my blood results but I am have never felt so fatigued and achy all over. I’m pretty sure its because of my high estrogen but I am wondering will this go down on its own? I’m not feeling confident to go back to this doctor but I really want to feel better hoping to get some advice.

I attached my results from October to March. I had to save to a different format and noticed the quality was reduced hopefully you can read the results.

Your dosage is way too high and that’s why you’re having problems. Your estrogen has got to be through the roof! I would stop TRT for week and let things settle down and begin again on an 25mg every 2 day protocol using insulin syringes which is what most of us use.

It’s difficult see you labs as they are too small, but it can make out your SHBG level. Lower SHBG men will do better on multiple smaller doses per week, mine is low as well and inject 24mg every 2 days (96mg weekly) to control estrogen, twice weekly dosing causes intense estrogen sides.

It doesn’t seem like your doctor is skilled enough to manage your TRT protocol, I suggest you find a doctor who specialists in TRT. The fact you were advised to stop TRT suggests your doctor is scared because he doesn’t know what he’s doing and is getting cold feet.

Your original Total T is very low, you needed TRT if you want to live a long life, then you better find a knowledgeable doctor in anti-aging or sports medicine unless you educate yourself and find a doctor willing to learn. Men with low testosterone live shorter lives, levels below 440 ng/dL is associated with cardiovascular disease.

Sick care (insurance based healthcare) is the last place you should look to for TRT, the majority of doctors have no knowledgeable about sex hormones, modern TRT protocols and how to manage symptoms by injecting smaller more frequent doses which is what your doctor should have recommended.

In my own experience, the more frequent and smaller the doses, the lower my estrogen and the better I feel.

Hi salito, There is some good number in this blood test but it is very hard to read.
I assume you doc of 30 years ago was giving you growth hormone and not T back then.

Your issues are totally fixable if your doc is willing to work with you. Ask if you can give your own shots and you want 100-120mg/wk. see if he will give you a script for anastrozole to help control your E2. We are talking .25mg/wk so 1/4 of a tablet once a week.

OK that is enough for now I hope this helps.

My father tried to get me growth hormone but his insurance would not cover it so he found this endocrinologist. I was definitely on TRT. Back then they used to inject me but now I was doing it myself in thigh. My next appointment with this doctor is not until May 28th. I am going to see if he can see me before since I am not feeling better.

Sorry for the file. i am going to see if I can re-post.

Is there an area on this forum where people can recommend one near me (anti-aging)? I do not know of any but I will google but prefer to go with someone that has good experience.

I’m just wondering if others go to an actual clinic or do it virtual?

I use Defy Medical a telemedicine clinic with experienced TRT doctors, Dr. Saya and Dr Calkins are top notch doctors. Defy services almost all states in the US, consults are over the phone and everything is mailed to me.

Watch out for these TRT Centers as they force weekly injections at the clinic which we already know won’t work for you.

So are you growth hormone deficient? If you are deficient, Defy can prescribe peptides to increase growth hormone naturally which is a lot cheaper than growth hormone. I think I paid $300 for 14 weeks.

Defy Medical is on average $1200-$2000 yearly which is cheaper than any walk-in clinic.

Call defy they are telemedicine or low t nation or cal a trt specialsit like dr Meehan, dr Keith Nichols (my doc)… I prefer doc over clinic but you have to visit most in person before prescribing. It’s cheaper paying annually than monthly, but end of day it is what you can afford.

Just stop dealing with these sick cars docs my friend. They practice in keeping men sick and symptoms suppressed. They follow skewed lab ranges and do not take into consideration she and the root of your problem.

Example: depressed or low labido! Instead of trt they say here is an ssri and some viagra. It makes it worse and eventually you really need the trt and nothing else works. It’s jsut a shitty medical industry we have at our disposal. Primarily because they work within confines of health insurance.

Find a private doc and they will treat you without confines of insurance.

It’ll save you a life time of problems.

So I decided to take the wait and see approach but I am totally regretting it. I went back to my endocrinologist for another blood test and based on my results he wants to do further testing to see if I have some genetic issue with my pituitary. Any feedback?


Right. So, crap Test levels, good test levels on TRT but high E2, slightly less crap T levels post TRT than before, but still crap only now with a lot more E2. What’s the question here? You are functioning, your pituitary is putting out LH at a decent rate, you’re just not producing enough test. Looks like primary hypogonadism. Go on TRT, and use a little AI for a while to keep the E2 under control. Whereabouts are you?

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Do I need to be concerned with no or zero levels of LH and FSH when on TRT? Also my ACTH were low on TRT. I am located in NY (Long Island). I am only seeing this endocrinologist because I saw him when I was younger because of having delayed puberty. Should I seek a second opinion from another endocrinologist or look for male clinic that I have seen mentioned on this forum.

Your LH and FSH should be at zero when you’re on TRT. It would be weird if they weren’t. If you have plenty of testosterone, your pituitary has no need to make more hormone.

No because you’ll be on injectable testosterone. Managed healthcare doctors are usually not that helpful with pituitary problems related to sex hormones, they are more of a thyroid and diabetes doctor.

You need the private specialist that specialize in this area of medicine.

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Just find a legit doc . Your problems stem from not listening or paying attention to all the posts where guys like me tell folks to find a private doc and avoid all these stupid issues.

Your issues will continue as you use these sick care lab range following jack assss

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Like system did here.

Assuming those are fasted labs, I’d get some insulin sensitizers just in case: chromium, lipoic acid and/or metformin. You could do an oral glucose tolerance test out of curiosity (testing insulin too). A trail of thyroid hormone might be in order too…