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Was My Oil Fake?

First cycle: First Cycle Log at 18

I started my first cycle benching 290, squatting 420 and deadlifting 450. I ended it bench - 320 squat - 440 and dead - 470. I was sick during the cycle for about a week (didn’t skip any pins), but even then these gains seem very low compared to some other first cycle posts I’ve came across. It was a 10wk 500mg/wk test e cycle, frontloaded with 1000mg first 2 weeks. Don’t worry, I had a good PCT. Do you guys think that my juice was fake, and that these gains were simply the result of me cleaning up my diet and workout plan?

??? You put 30lbs on you’re bench, what more could you ask for? Anabolic steroids aren’t magic, with a lack of work (from being sick or whatever) the results won’t be as good as you couldnt milk the cycle to its full potential. From you’re situation it sounds like you still got great results


yeah but I thought on a 10 week test e first cycle 500mg i would gain a bit more than 30lbs on my bench

Another person slowly realizing steroids aren’t the magic potion the general populous thinks they are! Haha… sounds like you had good results. You won’t become Superman overnight, even with steroids.


Haha true, I’ve been told that before. I also stacked this cycle with winny for the last 4 weeks as well… Idk something just seems off

Bloodwork pre, intra and post. Give you peace of mind and a base line for future cycles.

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Your gear was fake. You actually got all those gains on a placebo. 30lbs on your bench isn’t that much at all. You could have corrected your form and added more volume to achieve those results. Maybe because you thought gear was supposed to make you superman, you actually trained harder than you normally do.

are you being serious?

Unless you bought your gear from the shadiest person on earth the chances of it being fake are next to zero. Test is unbelievably cheap to make. Even the UGLs with the worst reputations don’t sell fake test.

What was your diet like during this cycle? Did you eat enough to maximize your potential? How far about maintenance were you?

Not at all. Sorry, I thought I sounded ridiculous enough. Even though I wouldn’t use how much my bench went up by to determine if my cycle was successful or if the gear was real. I think it is more a whole picture sort of deal.

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Putting 70lbs on your total in 10 weeks is pretty good.

You’re 18?

Honestly this is what I was thinking. I trained super hard and dedicated with a 3 day push pull legs cycle twice a week, maybe skipping one workout every few weeks depending on how my joints felt.

And iron_yuppie nice to see you again!
But yeah I know that’s what I thought too. I was eating about 1000 cal above maintenance, so about 4300-4500 with atleast 250g protein daily, except when I got sick that’s when my diet went to shit. After a few days I cleaned it back up though.

19 as of now!

Happy birthday

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It sounds like you ate enough. I’d say that you added a good amount of strength for 10 weeks. Sure, some guys would have gotten more, but some would have gotten less, too. So call it a successful cycle and be happy with the results. How do you feel? Aside from the numbers on paper, how do you feel about your lifts, your physique, and your overall experience with your first cycle?

My lifts felt really solid right after the cycle, but I think 12 weeks would’ve went a bit better for me, or maybe some test prop for 8-10. The enan never really kicked in until week 5-6, which is around the time I got sick. My physique definitely did improve. I couldn’t gain weight to save my life though haha, just got a little bigger. PCT went fine, didn’t notice really anything odd except for not getting crazy pumps. I feel like it went well enough, though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to plan another one for this next summer. That being said, any recommendations?

My advice is to chill out and be natty while your natural test levels are already high. You’re only 19. You want to chase the dragon your whole life? Wait until 30.

@iron_yuppie Can I contact you out of t-nation? I need some help brother!

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