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Was Mitt Romney Right About Everything?


â??I look at things happening and I say, you know what? Mitt was actually right when he talked about Russia, and he was actually right when he talked about how hard it was going to be to implement Obamacare, and he was actually right when he talked about the economy. I think there are a lot of everyday Americans who are now feeling the effects of what [Romney] said was going to happen, unfortunately.â??



yeah mitt was a douche bag :slight_smile:


He wasn't all that far off the mark on much to be honest.



Where were all these Romney "supporters" during the Republican Primaries?



My Goodness!
I watched at least a half-dozen clips from that site. You were just proving that you could find stuff as bias as Pit & Zep right?


I'm not proving anything. You can refute the clip or not. Nor have I held anything out as truth or "the way".

It is an opinion piece from conservative pundits. I didn't claim there was "one truth" and then link them, I didn't argue any position other than along with buzzfeed, there are actually some other people that have noticed Romney may have gotten a few things correct, when Obama fell flat on his face. Too bad the lapdog media doesn't have any integrity.


You succeeded without trying then......what is next, something from Tucker Carlson?

The media abandoned their roll decades ago; about the same time the definition of 'conflict of interest' changed and lawyers and politicians redefined the meaning of Constitutional restraint.


who you talking about Blue , mr objective :slightly_smiling:


We would be exactly where we are to day maybe minus Obama care . Mitts biggest problem was he had 4 sides to every argument

1 I am for it

2 I am against it

3 I was never for it

4 I was never against it


All I know is, Mitt and his binders are lookin' pretty good right now.



I don't see your point.

If you're busting my balls because I called out a partisan hack video posted by someone claiming "one truth" in economics, and then posted a video from conservative commentators after making no claims to anything other than "hey these guys noticed some things Romney was right about too" then fine.

But if that is all you are doing, then just say so.

Yes, and far be it from me to listen to people who follow lock step in liberal mantra.


Yes Beans; busting your chops. I was just shocked at what you posted; I've come to expect something more 'substantial' from you. I know you're a serious thinker, not a 'hack'.


lol, fair enough, and thanks for the kind words.