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Was Just Told I Look 'Skinny' on a Diet


About 10 weeks into my goal to 7% bodyfat and I got tested at 9% last week. Tongiht my family told me I look skinny and my sister who I havent seen in awhile also said so too. Kind of makes me feel crappy. I did drop from 208 to 190 in these 10 weeks and have another 5 to go. Here is a pic. Just posting this to vent. Anyone else ever get comments like this when dieting?


Clean your room!


Im working on that after i reach 7% haha


Probably meant it as a compliment. As in "lean." Many people don't think of the difference between those two words, they just think of skinny as a good thing.


nice pose


While I'm not sure this dude is in any position to take pot shots at you, he does have a point.

Posing is a bitch, and the better you get at it, the better you will look.

You kind of look awkward, for lack of a better word, and don't really do yourself justice with that pose, imo.

gmoore is right.

Also, a tan will help too. From one pasty guy to another...




Well of course you look skinny compared to what you were.

Now, is your sister hot?how bout your mom? She has a nice ass don't she?


You have to understand from the average persons perspective being skinny is about the nicest thing you can say to someone. They meant it as a compliment- so try to take it as one. I'm the same way when I cut down people say that to me as well and I hate it, but from their point of view it's a nice thing to say to someone.


you do look skinny, you also don't look to be an honest 9%, just curious - how are you being measured bf% wise?

if I was you, I'd focus really on bringing up your shoulders, the fact is you have 'decent' traps but lackluster delt developement which makes you look more compact and less broad(if that makes sense).

is there any particular reason why your dieting?


That pic is just super weird. You look like a child rapist in that shot, your room is disgusting and there in a gas mask in the left corner. WTF!


Hey Chuck That comment is quite universal, especially for the layman who sees you fuller ( as in with a higher degree of bodyfat versus losing some bodyfat ) . I am on week 6 of the Superhero program and have lost a fair amount of bodyfat along with admittedly some muscle, and while my body looks better in terms of vascularity and definition, most people outside the gym tell me hey you are on a diet hunh ? Good for you. You were looking too unhealthy anyway. So dont worry hit your goal of 7% and then come back with a gradual solid weight gain.


I got measured with skinfold calipers from my friend who is a chiro and CSCS and ex powerlifter. I know my shoudlers are lagging however, as a physical therapist im not willing to do overhead pressing and impinge the heck out of my rotator cuff. I may never cmopete. Shoulder is the most mobile and injured joint in the body and I will do some raises in the scapular plane. Yes I know they are laggign but I train them as safely as possible (plus I have injured them before and am not willing to do so again.

I am dieitng to 7% simply to attain a degree of leanness I have never attained before.


LOL I guess i made a funny face int hat pic. I needed to clean the room at the time and the gas mask was from a halloween costume a few yrs back lol. Do u think my bf% is higher than 9 there?


Let it be known that not all physical therapists think that overhead pressing automatically leads to shoulder impingement. The OP is entitled to his opinion, but I just want this clarified.


OP, move out of your momma's house, please.

Also, you are skinny, no reason to sugar-coat it.



Did they see you shirtless or with shirt?

When you drop BF, you will look smaller in tshirt, simply cause you wont fill them as much.

Also, why the fuck would you take a picture while standing like that with your wrists mimicking those of a velociraptor?


If you only look "swole" with your shirt off, you may not be that "swole".


What if you only look "swole" with your shirt on?



Kill your least favorite member, they should get the idea after that.