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Was Jesus the First Democrat ?


When I grew up, Jesus fed the hungry clothed the poor and healed the sick , I am curious if any one can explain how today's Moral Majority can claim to be Christ like and slash social programs designed
to help the poor ,sick ,young and old

How is Capitalism and Christianity compatible ?


I did not verify any of these but I know the bible is full of quotes like it is easier for a camle to enter an eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God


So you are saying that private charity is awesome?

I agree.

Also, you do not get the story of the needle and the camel.


Jesus didn't do it on someone else's dime.


I agree social charity is awesome , but when social charity does not cover this , Jesus would do it through Government.

He did not stipulate the difference between Caesar and private charity, at least not to my recolection


What happens when social charity becomes corrupt? The Vatican can end world hunger, but it doesn't. They also do not discipline priests who do molest kids.

I am from Missouri...the "show me" state.


Collectivly it is our money, I am curious how public policy that is adopted by the Republicans can not only benefit the wealthy but penalize the poor. And still be considered to be what Christ would do. When reading the Bible Christ's opinion of the poor was stellar


I am personally an agnostic, I am just curious how some one claiming to be Christ like can make policy that is not Christ like ?


Jesus never gave out cash.


Who claims to be Christ like? And what policies are referring to?




If he lived to today, I dont think he would be a democrat or a republican. He fits the pacifist-anarchist-socialist group in my wiew. I dont think he would vote for anybody invading and bombing other countries.


Jesus was clearly a hippy-terrorist-anarchist. He used some scary tactics on money collectors, that I don't think the pacifist group would approve of :slight_smile:


he screamed at them and knocked a table down, I think a pacifist would accept that LOL

but yhea, he is the first hippy.


I don't get it either. Can you explain it for me? Please.


depends on the type of capitalism. There is no free market, only markets within the state.
As democracy's/republics, the people decide how resources should be allocated (in theory).

You make a good point. My guess? - Religion is a tool people use to control others or fool themselves. The people claiming Jesus as their savior who give... (ball park)less than 10% of take home pay or equal value in labor to charity, are Christians in name and not in action.

I'm agnostic as well. I can't see how something comes from nothing, yet here we are.

Existence is an incalculable fluke. How much less likely is a creator?

The Dems are the other half of the coin controlled by 1% of 1%. If Jesus was like what I was brought up to believe he sure as hell was not a democrat.


Really, the Vatican with the budget of equal or less than that of a diocese of a Chicago can end world hunger? The Vatican can end hunger with a budget of $260 million a year? The Vatican can end world hunger with a budget of $260 million a year that it routinely has a deficit because of lack of funds and is in debt...interesting economics you play with. Diocese routinely run a deficit and are in debt. We're still the BIGGEST CHARITY IN THE WORLD! Money talks, bull shit walks, brother!

We also have the lowest administration fees for any charity. Last time I checked (which was a month ago) 5%, but please tell me what other charities run with that low of an administration fee?

Tell me why the Vatican is holding out there hands to others just to keep the lights on?

Um, that is the job of the Bishop, not the Vatican. But, nice try.

Yes, you Missouri was also a slave-holding state. And, I thought you were from Italy?


Turn the other cheek and give to Cesar what is Cesar's translates into terrorist-anarchist? The man ordained government himself, I doubt he was an anarchist, after all he is the King of Kings.


Well, if we assume that eye of the needle is actually a correct translation, the eye of the needle was a small city door in Jerusalem.

If you were a wealthy merchant and came to Jerusalem too late, you could no longer go through the main gates but have to use one of the smaller ones, one being the eye of the needle.

Now your camel could not pass through it with all your merchandise on it, so you had to unload it, get your camel through the door and then pack it again, at the risk of losing some or all of your merchandise.

Not impossible, just takes some planning.


To turn the other cheek was a gesture of defiance, and a very subversive one given the culture it was made in and to give Caesars what is Caesars was a very ambiguous answer to a question that was meant to entrap him.

I am more than willing to give any president any coins that have its picture on them, if only to demonstrate my acceptance that he indeed is a modern caesar.

Whether I would aquire lots of them is another matter and what to do if he vehemntly denies that he indeed is a reincarnataion of Caesar?

And yeah, it took Jesus to "ordain" governments. No one ever discovered the force of arms before him.


Thanks. Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand the implications of what you're saying. Are you're saying that Jesus was teaching that the rich man should plan more in order to get into heaven?