Was it spiked?

Back in the late 80s early 90s there was a company named Amino Discounters that made supplements and were known to spike their products with anabolics. I once used their Yohimbe product which someone told me was spiked with something ( I cant remember the name) and I must have gained 15-20 lbs on one bottle. Does anyone know what it might have been spike with? The bottle was red and black.



I know there was a company producing meal replacement powder with crumbled dianabol mixed in it, but I am not sure what the company name was

It’s urban legend that Met-Rx did this in their early days, which is why it got so popular so fast.

I also have heard that the Original batch of “Hot Stuff” was spiked, laced or whatever you want to call it. I think I read somewhere that it may have been spiked with clen.

I also heard that the early Hot Stuff mixtures were a little more “HOT” than the label claimed.

from what I understand, the active “ingredient” in Hot Stuff original formula was something called Medrol.

T-mag has an article on just this topic.