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Was I Overtraining?



2 years ago when I was 15, I did some hard workouts. When I came back home from a biceps workout, I could barely rais a glass of water.

My question is, regardless to the symptoms of OT, does what I described now happens to you? Is it considered overtraining?


BTW, anyone knows if overtraining can stunt growth? (lack of zink etc...)


I usually get sick when i over train


Don't remember getting sick..

My primary question is - after workouts, is it hard for you about 2 hours after to perform action with those muscles?


Nope, that wasn't overtraining. Overtraining doesn't happen after 1 hard workout, nor after a couple of hard workouts.


Who cares? Now you know better so dont overtrain.


I would like to see how far I can push my body until I start over training. I am always afraid of O/T'ing, but I actually even heard JB, if I remmember right, talk about lifters these days worry too much about it. I've heard usual signs are losing strength, and geting sick. Any others yall come across when you start O/T'ing?



The first sign is that you don't ENJOY lifting anymore. You hate going to the club, but you do it anyway, because you feel you HAVE to.

If I don't feel like going, I just won't go. This happens to me 2 or 3 times a year. Ok, perhaps 5 times.


Isn't overtraining relative to how fast your muscles recover? If you are training for so long that you don't give your muscles ample time to recover and rebuild before your next workout, then you are putting yourself in a deficit. If you are too sore/weak leading up to your next workout, then you know you need to make some adjustments. Alot can be said for instinctual training and experimenting with your limitations.


I think it was overtraining , the same thing happend to me after 5days a weak hard training. but I recovered fast in 3 days. but be careful.

note : I coud lift glasses ;\


This is true. Overtraining has nothing to do with enjoying training. If that were the case, the majority of the obese people in this country are simply "overtrained". Overtraining has nothing to do with if you can't raise a glass of water after you trained biceps. That means you worked your muscles until they were fatigued. That is ALL it means. You don't overtrain in one workout. It is a cumulative effect from training too much, not resting enough to compensate and not eating to support it.

After I train biceps, my muscles are spent. That is because I train them hard. That doesn't mean I "overtrained" them.


Let me see if I have this straight. You were fifteen years old and did an arm workout in which you were so wasted you could hardly function. Now 2 years later you want to know if it was over training?


people that are preoccupied with the fear of over training never train hard enough to get anywhere near overtraining.

Over training is the most over-hyped bullshit since Chromium Picolinate.


Of course I trained like that for about half a year, that why im not sure if it's over training. I didn't mean overtraining right after the workout, just if training like that for a long time can hurt you.

And I also wanted to know in general if people get that effect after training...

BTW, it used to happen after each workout - is it overtraining?

Sorry for not explaining my self right.


Does this mean that you no longer workout like this? If you are, are you still making solid gains? Nobody can tell you if you are overtraining. Look at your results, and make adjustments based them. Perhaps your diet? Training? Could be a number of things. Don't be afraid to experiment.


I ALREADY answered you. NO. Hell no. Lifting weights and then feeling like the muscle is fatigued after you finish lifting weights is NOT overtraining. Feeling like you don't want to lift is NOT overtraining. Rainjack is right, the majority of the people worried about "overtraining" are never truly training that hard to begin with.


Great, Thanks for clearing that up.


brk2k :
I woud say that one kind of overtraining is when your muscle feel fatitude (oh, spelling) and that it?s very weak , And that your muscle feels like that pretty usual , not just after workouts but all the time . I have no clue of how usual this matter is tho


Sounds like cardio to me....This always happens. Lifting I enjoy 95% of the time.


Most of the strongest indicators of overtraining have nothing to do with muscular fatigue. Symptoms such as difficulty sleeping and sensitivity to light are examples of this.

The problem with the big worry about overtraining is that most people aren't advanced enough to overtrain their CNS. Obviously anyone can do enough volume to stagnate growth, but as soon as they throw in a back-off week or two they'll probably be fine.