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Was I Deceased?


Oftentimes when crossing grave yards or simply driving passed them at 70mph, there will be certain gentlemen standing around outside speaking loudly about how somebody shot them or how they got run over by a train. Now, obviously there can be no such thing as ghosts so I assume that most people must just think these people are crazy and keep driving since no one else ever seems to stop to help them. Sometimes, I will stop to ask if they need help but they run away so fast it is almost like they vanish instantly.

I can only assume that
a) They are magicians
b) They are clinically insane

So, one day, my fiance and I, instead of asking if they need help, decided to simply walk up to them and stare at them eye to eye so they couldn't run away without us seeing where they went.

"hey, babe, this old guy ain't moving"

"keep staring, baby, maybe he'll wet himself"

"but what happens if he stabs me?"

"I don't see a weapon. All I see is clothes about 50 years out of date...I mean, VELVET??!!"

"Maybe he's a backup singer for Prince."

This was when my girl pinched my ass like she often does when she gets nervous and when I looked back around, the man was GONE! All that was left was a train ticket from 1948 lying on the ground where he was standing.

So what say you T-Nation massif?

Am I dead?


So, how long until this thread copying stuff dies off?


ahahhah this wasnt so bad was it Ghost?

Before I can answer your question X, I only need to know one thing: Did you lift today?


Why yes, yes I did lift today. And you know...people seemed to see me lifting so I assume I was really there.

Is that wrong?


Unless they were also dead!



edited due to social retardation.


LOL, there are so many parody/inside joke threads these days. It's a golden age of sorts for this stuff. Some good original threads are stuck on page 2.


What I want to know is how the heck you can hear them talking about such specific topics when you're driving by them at 70mph.

Ghost ears?


Hamburger ears.


Marry your fiance already!!


Yes you died. This is why he left you the Ghost Train ticket.


I got caught up in a racial argument on facebook (yeah I know, shame on me). So these Natives start calling me and the other anti-toll booth people 'Ghost' as an insult.

I dont know what implications that has...Chimera! why'd you have to ruin that? eh?

Ok then X, proceed to eat 73 big mac's in 30 minutes. You must eat 73. Its crucial. If u manage to do it then you may or may not be alive.


Sorry Andrew, I'll stop ruining all your fun. Blame Inky, he started everything. He was the creator of all that is ruined.


yes and no


Shrodinger's Cat

so basically you should kiss the dead person?


Personally I would have said:

"Met this girl, Kelly, in the supermarket last week, and we got to talking. She was pretty cute, so I asked her out. She agreed and we made plans to go out on the weekend.

So the day comes, I park in front of her house and knock on the door. An old woman answers. I say, "Hello, I'm here for Kelly". The woman gets an angry look, and shouts "Kelly died on the way to the prom 30 years ago today!" and slams the door on me."

But hey, to each his own...


Wait...Professor X = Engaged? Tell me it ain't so.


All that was left was a train ticket from 1948 lying on the ground where he was standing.

If your interested perhaps do a little research, the train ticket, history of the general area, there maybe some information of an accident during that time, or some local people may concur with you on sightings of the man, or apparition.


Fucking 10!


Did X just cross over to the dark side?