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Was Bulking Now What?


Hi guys, I'm a little lost on what to do now. But heres a little bit of background. I'm 5 foot 7 inches, and started training on and off about 2 years ago (I'm usually consistent in going to the gym, its my diet that kills me :p). I started at about 118 lbs and am currently at 155 lbs. I know this is not too much but I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far and know I need to bulk more. My question is how much more?


I'm currently doing GOMAD (kind of) I drink about 3/4 gallon of choco milk a day and with food thats about 3.5k-5k calories (depending on how much I eat). On top of that I go to the gym 3 times a week doing Stronglifts 5X5 strength training. Here are my current stats.

Deadlifts 1 rpm 315
Bench Press 1rpm 195
Over Head Press 1rpm 135
Squat 5x5 200 lbs ( Probably can max 250 or so, I had to restart my squats from the beginning cause my form was terrible).

I also have no visible abs anymore, which makes me sad :{ I'm not terribly fat or anything, just lost leanness in my abs (I'm pretty lean everywhere else).

I know my strength isn't that great but I literally started with like 10 lbs over the bar, so I'm happy with my results but want more.

My Goals:

I think I differ in my goals from most of you. I'm not looking to be super big or even a super strong body builder. I'm looking for more of the athletically fit look. I came to these forums cause of the knowledge :] Some body types I'm hoping for= Eric Bana/Brad Pitt in TROY, Taylor Lautner in Twilight gayness, matthew mcanawhaterver lols. I know this is really small for most of you, but I personally don't like the giant look or the stalky look, neither does my girlfriend, or all my female friends.

I'm wondering how much I would need to weigh to look like these guys at my height, what should I bulk up to before cutting and where should my lifts be around. I think 160/165 lbs at my height and lean won't be too bad but I'm still not sure.

I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!




I did some quick Google searches and found out that Brad Pitt in Troy is roughly 180lbs.. he is also a few inches taller than you..

I suggest that you adopt the simple strategy of gaining 10lbs.. leaning up at that new weight.. and then gaining another 10lbs.. do this until progress slows and then eventually halts altogether.. or until you decide you are too musclebound to attract bitches..


A troll job that includes almost all the cliches - bravo (still painfully obvious though)


I wasn't trolling lol


Let me explain the form here. If you don't know a great deal about lifting you have to act all humble and shit and fawn over the BBers who spend all their time on beginners instead of actually working out. Otherwise you're a troll. Also, 95% of the 'advice' you are likely to receive will consist of these four words: 'eat, lift, sleep repeat'. When you have posted pictures of yourself in your underpants with bodyhair removed and baby oiled muscles you become 'one of them'.

My advice: Read, eat, lift, sleep, work on core strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Try not to injure your rotator cuffs or lower back. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Straight up gospel shit there man. All hail the enlightened one. Now give me a back rub and we can talk rep ranges