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Was Arnie Good?


I'm just wondering, I never lived in Cali or followed the state-level politics so much.
Was Arnold and effective leader? If so, what did he do? What were some controversial things he did? How is he generally received amongst Californians?

If he could, do you think he'd make a good President?


He was horrible, as a lukewarm Republican. He ran his campaign on no new taxes, and he raised them, getting the title of the largest tax increase we have ever seen. He increased property taxes, doubled the car tax, and reduced tax credits for families with children. He catered to all the unions, increased government by 40%, cut funds for education, led California to a $26 billion dollar deficit last year, and a $21 billion dollar deficit for this upcoming year.

He threatened to cut firefighter and police jobs before cubicle worker jobs. He is walking around crying around global warming, but flies a private jet between LA and Sacramento, and personally owns a Hummer. He proposed letting out 36,000 prisoners from state prisons to save money.

Would he make a good president? FUCK NO.


No. Hell no. We're way more in debt under him than we were under GRay Davis.


Arnie is a moron. California deserves what it gets for electing him.


He capitalized on how bad Gray Davis was, that's really how he won. Hell, we had candidates like Gary Coleman, and the porn star Mary Carey running for governor.


Tell me how that is a bad thing.

MaximusB, do you think California needs to lock up more people? If you had unlimited funds for corrections, would you double the prison population? Where do you draw the line?

It's about damn time we start releasing some prisoners and spend the money on MORE IMPORTANT things.

Fuck, if you had it your way, the prison population of the USA would be 10 million right now...


Class of 09 strikes again.

Max has been to prison.


How original.


How is this a bad thing? How about those released prisoners move into your neighborhood, because we need to spend money on more important things. Better yet, why not make them your next door neighbors. Then, when they can't get a job from having been out of society, having felony convictions, and in the midst of this horrible recession, they go and commit more crimes.

But yet again, they will be in your neighborhood. Still want them out? How about they frequent the neighborhood where your kids go to school (if you have kids.) They go and recruit for their gangs and sell drugs, but of course when they have drive by shootings, no bullets would ever hit an innocent person. Ya know, that whole code of honor they live by.

How about I share with you some stories I have from my time behind bars. Having to deal with guys who shank you for not repaying a stamp, or taking an extra glass or orange juice at breakfast. How about we release the guys who raped women and molested children, and think about how they will react being in society when they have gotten their ass kicked nearly every day they spent behind bars.

Want them around you still? Or my old bunkie, Wolfy, who robbed a bank with a gun, and is already planning his next heist after he is done serving his dime (10 yrs). Oh wait, but they won't behave that way right? Of course, after all what have they seen during their time locked up...beatings, drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion, and murder. Still want them as neighbors?

I have all day with this shit.


3 of them, also 5 county jails, and 2 halfway houses.


Maximus, what did you do man? You never struck me as a gangsta crip, ha. What was your vice.
I've been 2 county jail twice, got kicked out 3 schools for violence, that's about it tho. I'm not so impulsive lately, I'm at peace with myself, but if someone makes me feel desperate I will not fold, I go into tunnel vision murder mode pretty easily when people try to strip me of my humanity. Luckily, I don't hang out with low lives much anymore.


Odd some of the more prominent neighborhoods In NJ have plenty of people who spent time in Jail at one time or another. Some multiple times. Some of the nicest people i know, who sometimes can;t get their shit together and are a little lost. They are harmless but did serve a little time here and there.

Odd that you're judgmental against that ostracized group. hmmm. Hypocrisy?

No one's talking about releasing hardened criminals serving for murder. And the Kinds in the Neighborhood paranoia has just about run it's course. But not yet, so have fun with protecting the "kids". I'll protect my own kids thank you.


Damn, guys! Just wow!


Is it overly difficult to see that the decision on whether to release one prisoner, or thousands en masse, should be based on their cases rather than on budget shortfall, let alone budget shortfall resulting from decisions to vastly increase spending generally?


In 1996, my friends and I were involved in selling extacy for which I plead guilty to in 2003. Because the mail was used, it became a Federal crime, and then went on my Federal holiday. There wasn't anything "thug" about it, just simple business. People want a product, they pay for it, and so the beat rolls on. No weapons, no violence, no victims, just black market Capitalism. 1 guy sold to an undercover DEA agent, and then rolled over and snitched out 8 people, with me being 1 of them. Went in to 2004, came out in mid 2006.


Your definition of "serving time" is MUCH different than mine. Your vague interpretation could be anything from going to jail for a few hours for a DUI to someone doing years the way I did. Do you really think the caliber of person within that huge range is the same?

You see, someone going to jail and "doing a little time here and there" is not the same as someone doing 20 yrs or more, and having to live with them. There is no Federal parole, Reagan got rid of it with his War on Drugs campaign, so there is little to no incentive to behave. Your credit for good behavior in the Feds is also horrible, with getting 15% (or 47 days) credit for each year served. So you have people fighting all the time, since no one will tell on you in prison.

Jail and prison are also very different. Prison is a much bigger animal, since people know their sentence and have years of time to do. Whether you are the white collar criminal, or the violent thug, you are treated equally bad.

I don't know what kind of facilities you have in Jersey, but come down to LA County Jail and see if you think these people are only "getting their shit together." Imagine all the bullshit that happens in LA, and the people who are sent to jail for it.

Lastly, how many low-level offenders do you think we have in California? Again you are referencing against Jersey, a state who's population (8.8 million) is about the same as Los Angeles alone (U.S. Census Bureau 2008), compared to all of California with 36.7 million people.

Now that I think about it, why would you even try comparing California with New Jersey, let alone someone who spent time behind bars versus "people you know?" As far as the hypocrisy argument, how are you going to tell me about jail when you have never been? How would YOU handle a month long lockdown for a stabbing investigation? I just wonder.


This kind of common sense has no place in California politics :slight_smile: Recently there was a riot in Chino state prison, where inmates fought, threw feces at each other, and destroyed the entire facility. Why did this happen? For no other reason than gangs lashing out at each other. Sure, let them out.


This is why you do not let out criminals early, Marine veteran killed by convict...