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Wart removal.


Anyone know how long is typical to recover from having a wart removed with liquid nitrogen?

I had a small wart removed on my second last toe - been limping for 6 weeks now and there's still no end in sight.

Is this even slightly normal?


Be a man: gnaw it off.


Not sure about when there burnt off, but when you cut out one with an exacto knife it takes 4 weeks. 1 week to recover, one week to dig it all out and 2 weeks to grow the balls!

Mine was behind the second knuckle of my thumb, it used to hurt when I wrote with a pen or pencil, evil things I tell you.



I've had some experience in using liqid nitrogen on patients.

Are they expecting you to come back or did they tell you one treatment will do the trick?

If they were only doing one treatment (which is what it looks like to me seeing how it's been 6 weeks without a follow up) then they probably exposed your wart to an increased amount of LN. It has every possibility of being sore for up to 4-6 weeks. Any longer than that I would go back to them and explain that it still hurts and see what else can be done about discomfort.

If they wanted you to follow up for another treatment then you wouldn't have had as much LN exposure. It can still cause a lot of discomfort for up to a couple weeks but nothing as severe as the "one shot one kill" method.

I work with communicable disease and STD's, so most of the wart work I've had to do was in pretty sensitive areas (penis, testicles, vagina). When dealing with super sensitive areas like that the treatment is naturaly more conservative and more than one treatment session is necessary. When it comes to the foot, though, the skin is generally pretty tough so the more aggressive approach might be required depending on the size of your wart as well as the location.

Anyhow, I'm sorry to hear about your wart woes, hopefully I was able to lend some assistance. It appears to me that you either got one helluva dose, you're extra sensitive to LN, or both. Be sure not to ignore the issue if your toe becomes discolored (black&blue), blistered, or you loose sensation.




I had a different doctor burn a wart off my other foot and it was sore for a day or two. Had a second treatment a few weeks later to finish the job and it was only slightly sore for at most 24 hours.

In both cases, the wart was on the side of the toe so on fairly soft skin.

Bit too late for that. The one giving me grief blistered within a day. The blister was around half the size of the toe itself.

Maybe 2-3 weeks later the entire area of the blister had gone black. About a week ago (about 5 after the treatment) the bottom half of the black area peeled off, leaving the painful yet-to-be-healed "overhang" at the top. Toe is quite swollen too ~1.5 times its normal width.

I've since seen 3 other doctors about it. They haven't been a lot of help either - they've all told me to give it a couple more weeks. Two prescribed an antibacterial cream.

Just checked the dates and it's just over 7 weeks now. Seems very wrong to me.


Thats not normal i dont believe. I had warts on my hand once and it took a little over a week before they were healed one hundred percent. Im sure the feet would take a little longer but that sure does seem like a long time. I did have one get infected once. That wasnt pretty.