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Warriors of Goja



Hahahaha!! The judges' faces and reactions are hilarious. Poor lady judge. She really couldn't take it anymore, aww. Wasn't even that bad.

And lol@ the sound effects.


holy crap! That's what american idol should be about.


I thought this was about ganja warrior.....


Cool video!


That was crazy. The judges were appalled. I loved the looks on their faces as the show unfolded. Ah well, for their demonstration of warrior spirit, the performers won a special prize of 300,000 rupees (3 lakh rupees), or about $5800.


Oh, they were no subtitles so i was imagining her saying something by these lines:

"Impressive, but overboard, nobody would enjoy this madness, i'm sorry but i'll have to say NO!"


Keep in mind, some of us have likely talked to 3 or 4 of these Warriors when we've called various customer service lines over the years.


I'd like to see the guys at Jackass top this.


Taaa daaa.



The thing about these guys like other contestants on shows like " (Counrty)'s Got Talent" is: What do you guys do other than smash light bulbs?

The motorcycle over the head was cute though.


That had to be the highest ratings that show ever got...