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Warrioress Trains


So...Long-term visitor to this site for diet and training info and previously maintained a training log on the female part of this site Figure Athletes which no longer seems to exist so posting here this time round.

After a long break from the gym, 3 years or so, but with a decent high intensity bodyweight program and other activities in the meantime to maintain some strength, I'm hitting the gym hard once more with figure-athlete level physique building as a long-term goal.
Building strength and mass is my short-term goal over the next 3 months.

I stand at 5'3" and currently weigh in at 118lbs and estimate myself at 20% bf.

I'm going to start with using a Leg, Push, Pull program 3 days a week in the gym with 3-4 big exercises a session. No cardio for now, but will start to add in 1-2 sprint HIIT sessions a week further down the line once the initial body-shock of heavy training is over.

Started the progam last week and ironed out moves / weights, so this is my second week and I'll post / track workouts from now on.

So today's leg session...

Back squats @60kg (132lbs) 9, 8, 8, 7
Bulgarian Split Squats @20kg (44lbs) 10, 9, 8, 8
Stiff Leg Deadlifts @45kg (100lbs) 10,9,8,8
Barbell Hip Thrusts @35kg (66lbs) 12, 12, 10.

112 - P
58 - F
130 - C

Will add in more info on me as I go along. Any thoughts, suggestions, hellos welcome!


Welcome! Good to have you here. I will follow your progress.


*in for chicks who squat.

Welcome and good luck with your training + log!


Hi yesssy and thanks for following.

And thanks panzerfaust...read through most of your log, very inspiring stuff, utmost respect for how you're dealing with it all - will be following you back.


Today's work done.

Push day...

Barbell Bench Press
Warm Up @20kg
@25kg 12, 10
@30kg 6, 5
@40kg 3, 3 (assisted)

DB Shoulder Press
Warm Up @ 2x6kg
@2x8kg 8, 8, 7

Bodyweight Dips

DB Lateral Raises
@2x4kg 10, 10, 10


Wow, nice work. You're quite strong and I like your training split. I may have to steal your programming when I need a change.


Great to have you here! Will be following


You have a cool username, so I had to check out the log. Hope you stick around!


Thanks for checking out my log...I have a long way to go in the strength stakes and have been out of real training for a long time but I'm a determined mofo and clear in my goals so I'll get there!


Thanks Alpha...great to have you following. I found the training logs such a great source of advice and motivation my first time round - very happy to be welcomed into the fold again :slightly_smiling:


Warrioress got coined in my martial-art years and it's stuck... I like it too :slightly_smiling:


Much appreciated :). You know the saying; when life hands you lemons - eat them and appreciate the fact you have food.

I saw on your hub you do some film work, anything I'd have heard of? (movie nerd from hell).


With positivity, grace and good humour is the only way to deal with things.
Film-wise I'm currently half way through shooting this...

I'm body doubling and standing in for Rooney Mara.
I've worked on most Guy Ritchie films, Rock N' Rolla, Sherlock and we just finished Man from Uncle before I started on Pan and will prob move onto King Arthur next. I've also had bit parts on lots of others and do a lot of UK TV and commercials. Weird as it's never been an ambition of mine just ended up getting to know a lot of the right people!



Ah right, well that is a tad badass! I was thinking maybe some independent films which I could keep an eye out for, but that's serious. Will make a mental note to check out Pan and see if I can spot any morphing haha.

It's funny what circumstance and coincidence can lead to in life - go you!


Pulling day...


50kg 10, 10
60kg 8
70kg (150lbs) 6, 5, 4

Lat Pulldowns

35kg 9, 8, 7
30kg 10

DB Rows
12kg 9, 8, 8

Hyper-extensions w/10kg plate
15, 15, 12

Being yoga-trained I do a lot of mobility and stretching work after every session too.

Still trying to find my way with how much weight to pull for deadlifts, my form got a little scatty at 70kg but it felt doable, if a little out of my depth. I'm definitely more confident on my squats - which I love doing!


Week 3 of Leg/Push/Pull - my worse session thus far, dropped weight AND less reps squatting...just felt like I had no stability in my lower back after the heavier deadlifts I did last week - very weird feeling, never had that before, didn't like it. Will drop weight next deadlift (pull) session.

Back squats @50kg 7, 7, 6, 5. (normally higher reps at 60KG)
Bulgarian Split Squats @20kg 10, 10, 10 (these felt stronger)
SLDL @45kg 9, 8, 8
Barbell Hip Thrusts @45kg 12, 12, 12

Not sure how long to carry on with this program and whether it's the right one for me at the moment. The main aim is to build a solid foundation of strength and gain muscle. I've read a lot on the 5/3/1 but not sure if that's right either...hmmmm...


Try not to worry too much about that. By far the most important thing is just to be consistent and approach your training with as much gusto as you can. A trainee who lifts with passion and enthusiasm will make far more progress regardless of their program than someone else who is just going through the motions, even if that second person's programming is "perfect".


You did say your form was dodgy on your previous deadlift day. If you strained your lower back a bit, that would explain the less-than-ideal squat day. Maybe try doing less reps in the heavier deadlift sets? Or do a video analysis. It's pretty easy to start stiff-legging it when you're near max weight.

I guess I'm saying don't let one bad day define a bad program


Thanks for the encouraging comments guys... And correct on all accounts, will keep on trooping and tweaking. Need to get my deadlift weight and form dialled in. Will try and get some vids shot showing form for some feadback here.


Hi Jo,

You're doing great for someone that's been out of the gym for 3 years!! You mentioned something about switching your program but I wouldn't worry about doing that yet, just get back into the groove of training and then you can switch it up later on.

Looking forward to following your progress!