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Warrior wellness scott sonnon

does anybody have those videos or any of his books etc??

any good?

more intrested in the joint and health stuff…but any review will be apreciated

At least one of the other fighters from my gym likes him a lot and quotes him often (especially “the only undefeated fighter is one who’s never competed”).
I think he’s got some good stuff.
I like the club bells too.

Not to be critical, but there are some other cheaper or free options out there for similar, if not the same material.

Check out stickgrappler’s site:
and definitely look through there for Taku’s Intervals and Scrapper’s workouts; you might like what you see.

Definitely can’t go wrong with Sonnon though.

yeah I like scrapers stuff…im not a fighter just into lifting and basketball…

but above all Im intrested in health so that is why I asked about that particular program…

For example Ive been recently doing Mark Verstegen’s movement prep sequence…and have notices improved flexibility, posture, less sifness at any given time of day…etc…

so looking for things that have similar results


I have the warrior wellness and be breathed tapes. (all 3)

they’re good and through, nothing really new but a nice delivery and package. I would suggest his newer pacakge though - bodyflow. my tapes are old already.

I’m gonna keep an eye out for that Verstegen stuff, sounds like something my bjj (brazilian jiu jitsu) friend who competes was advocating doing.
Kinda like sport specific warm up training.

I have it in a nice pdf a friend made out of some web site…I’ll send it to you if you email me...ixsan@hotmail.com


I’ve heard great things about BodyFLow (the book) and will prob end up buying it soon.