Warrior Training- OOOuch!

Okay, I read the Short Topic article this week about how ultimate fighters train with a lot of bodyweight exercises. I was skeptical about how hard bodyweight squats could be. I jumped up and figured I’d knock out at least 300. SHIIIIIIT! I got 100 and nearly freakin’ died- burning legs, burning lungs! Has anyone else tried it yet? How many did you get? God, I hope I’m not just a wussie.

LOL…me too! I got to about 60 and thought I was gonna die! I’m pissed at myself, and this is gonna be a new challenge for me. Did about 30 pushups straight, then had to rest. Shit, what a wuss I am!

I haven’t tried the squat or crunch thing, but I can get about 40 pushups, which is rather odd since before I started lifting I remember my record was 48. Oh well, my bench has gone up about 150lbs since then so I’m not too concerned. I’ll give the squat thing a try when my legs are better rested than they are now.

Well I’ve never done any bodyweight routines like the one you mentioned but a guy I used to work with is into Brazillian Jujitsu and I used to train with him and a buddy for something to do. I have so much respect for these fighters, they truly are artists as well as athletes. It really is an amazing discipline, and a grueling workout as well. The first time I sparred w. them I got choked out in 13 seconds, and I’m not a wimp either (well, maybe I am). The next time I got put in a type of sleeper hold rather quickly and had to tap out. I pretty much got my sorry arse kicked on a regular basis in these sessions but it was a good workout. Gotta love those Gracies! They have some really good instructional videos out, and it’s amazing how just a few basic moves can teach you to take out your average barroom brawler w. such little effort (not advocating starting fights, but from a defense standpoint it’s cool stuff).

I did about 300 you wussies! Not really… Actually, i’m too much of a wuss to even try them… I’m sticking with my cupcake 450 pound squats!

I find the best time to do push ups is straight away after you wake up in the morning, and i mean straight away. I do about 60-70, while at other times in the day i cant even do 50.

What are these bodyweight squats, is it just doing full squats without anything on your back? What do you do with your arms? Just leave them on your sides? Might have to try it.

Slaine- There are pictures in the article. The text says you can squat either way though.

not to brag, but i can kick out 375 squats, but i have been doing this type of work out for a long time. But only because i have been in and out of martial arts for a couple of years.

This type training sounds a lot like what WCW puts the guys who are trying out through. Goldbergs biography talks about it a little. He says guys will say they are going to get something out of their car and just bounce. They dont even take the time to get their shit.

A couple of years ago I started the whole lion’s den style workout, trying to lose weight. I dropped almost 60 lbs in 3 months. I enjoyed it so much I started submission wrestling with Frank Shamrock…kens brother (and probably a better fighter too) Eventually I was able to complete the whole 500 squats, 100pushups, 20 chinup thing, around week six. One of the most entertaining things I’ve seen though was watching people try out for Franks fighting team…oh man they took beatings.

Why the hell would you want to perform so many body-weight only exercises? You will build endurance but you will gain neither size nor strength from such a training regime. Just look at any martial arts instructor: they are thin and wiry, about as far away from a bodybuilder’s goal as your average 250 lb overweight Joe Six-Pack. STAY AWAY.

Reading the short article on Warrior Training reminded me of my days in the military when all we did was body weight exercises i.e pushups, pullups etc. We didn’t get really huge but we could go all day under all kinds of conditions. Since I got out I have concentrated on lifting weights and have gotten bigger but I miss the “functionality” that came from the other style of training. My question for T-Mag readers and writers is, “What do you think would be the best way to combine the two methods of training?” Alternated cycles maybe or try to do both concurrently? And what would a good rep/set/number of times a week/work out look like? Since Warrior Training is a high volume/low intensity workout I assume it could be done more often then traditional weights. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Little Man - you are a madman. I think I fell over when I reached about 100. Kept going back for more after 60 second pauses, though.

Mike, I understand your point but the boys at the Lion’s Den are doing more than a couple of things right. In my opinion you don’t get much bigger, stronger or just plain old tougher than the Ken or Frank Shamrock! Try for 500 squats and get back to us on whether or not it toughend you up.

Mike- We mentioned that in the article and as we wrote, the workout is to be used as an altnerative to cardio, a test of mental toughness, or to be used when you’re stuck in a hotel and have no other training options. Obviously, it’s no alternative to weight training when it comes to adding size.

Paul- I’ve been using it as a once a week cardio session to go along with my boxing workout. The key is to separate it from leg day. So I do it on Sunday and usually do legs in the middle of the week… I wouldn’t try to do Warrior Training and then weighted squats the next day (or the day before.) Hope that helps.

teddykgb-where can you purchase those Gracie videos? tia

There is 8 weeks till the start of football in Australia and i am mainly trying to add mucsle mass but i was thinking every second leg workout i should add this type of Training what do you guys think (I do not want to stop gaining muscle)