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Warrior Training anyone?

I find warrior training( as defined in the T-mag article) highly productive and stimulating. Gives my weight training sessions a big boost, and overall a big boost in energy. Although the general consensus seems to be that it doesn´t cause hypertrophy, I dare say that my chest and biceps is bigger since I started two weeks ago( mainly working on pushups and pullups). Now im gonna shoot for 500 squats, 100 pushups and 20 pullups in a row. Did anyone who tried it reach this goal and how do you think it contributed to your physique, strength and general health?

I really like bodyweight drills and wrote an article for t-mag on it called combat conditioning. I found that high rep exercises made me a lot leaner but not bigger. For size, I prefer more difficult BW drills such as Handstand Pushups, one arm pushups, one legged squats, headstand leg raises etc.

I find it hard to believe that warrior training is that unpopular?