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Warrior Show


Any body see this yet?
Fuck I wish I could train with the warrior.


Summerian Records is what's wrong with aggressive music these days. The only band on that label I remotely enjoy is Stray From The Math, everything else is the dreaded "crabcore", "partycore" and sub par "deathcore"

Not even The Ultimate Warrior can entice me into watching this...


I have no idea what any of that stuff is? Are those kids in a band?


Yes, this show is being produced in conjunction with Summerian and each episode is going to feature a different one of their "bands". Just dreadful music by mongoloids trying to ape hardcore bands from the past while making enough money as possible by appealing to teeny boppers looking to make the transition into heavier music.


I will watch for the Warrior.
I just have a hard time listening to "hardcore" music when it's done by kids that look like they would get beat up by my little sister.


Saw a preview for this somewhere online last week. Definitely would tune in to see him crack the whip and teach some of today's youth to man-up. One of the most entertaining wrestlers of all time in my opinion (never quite made sense all of the time, but definitely entertaining -lol)



He has "Motivational" videos on his youtube channel. It mainly consists him listening to loud music, he must be inbetween sets, and yelling at you...



And here I thought he was dead all these years.



I didnt even notice this was for 'hardcore' bands??? WTF! (I heard the Ultimate Warrior in my head when I typed that lol)

Those kids are in hardcore bands????...


Seriously though that clip was excellent, pure beast!


"Oh don't worry we got cell phones, we'll call 911!? lol


Forget turning those kids into men, just turning them into girls and then possibly women by the second season would be an improvement.


I dunno, it is probably in there.

It is just relatively deaf, living in a "hardcore" death metal, um, whatever they are, so you have to yell really loud for it to hear you.


dont you dare relate these kids to death metal


I went to his website in hopes of buying an autographed pic. $99....... da fuk?


So much this...see my earlier post for my disdain for 99% of the bands that will be featured on this show


These kids can't possibly play any kind of music. I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber is about a foot taller and 40 pounds heavier than them.