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Warrior Movie


I'm surprised no one's posted about this movie yet. In short, incredible story line, great fight scenes (some really unexpected turn of events), and emotional tugger. Come back of the year award = Nick Nolte. Really felt for the guy in this movie, despite not knowing the details of his being in that position.

Jennifer Morrison = HOOOOTTTT. Of course Tom Hardy was a beast, badass, and great portrayal of the role. Joel Edgerton was a great character as well, really helped bring the emotion to the brother relationship. Anyone else think he looks a shitload like Conan O'Brien?

Overall, best movie of the year thus far...IMO best picture candidate. Anyone else see it?


I HATE you.


My eyes kept getting drawn to Tom Hardys traps they just seemed really disproportionately large compared to the rest of him almost made it seem like he was hunched forward the whole movie. That is all i have to add.




loved the movie, even tho the trailer ruins the tournament for you letting you know the brothers were gonna be fighting in the final.
Nick Nolte did a great job, i really felt bad for the guy and Tom Hardy must be really tired from flexing his traps 24/7 during the filming of that movie.


I don't think the spoiled the ending because you don't really know what happens in the final fight. The fight at the end and the part with Nick Nolte in the hotel room had me tearing up a little bit. Everybody did a great job in the movie. I think I liked it better than the Fighter.

I read an article on Yahoo saying how Hardy gained 28 pounds of muscle while Edgerton gained 20 pounds. Everybody in the comment area instantly accused them of using steriods. People don't understand all the resources these actors have to bulk themselves up.

Also, Edgerton does look like a bulked up Conan.


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Spoiler!!!

I hate you.


I saw it with my wife on Friday night. Oddly enough, there were 5 people total at the showing I went to. I had seen the trailer too and don't think they should have let it slip that the end match would be the brothers.

Nevertheless, it was very well done. Great acting all around and Nick Nolte did not disappoint.



And therefore he did steroids for TDKR. That especially grinds my gears, considering he was already bulked up for his role there after just finishing Warrior


This flick deserves a bump: it's great.
I'm having the same trap issues as poor Hardy.

Anyone else watched this?


Major trap envy for Tom Hardy. I had high hopes for this movie and it didn't disappoint, great for the whole family.


I was too frightened of all the brotards that would inevitably be in the audience to even consider seeing this.

The collective IQ of a given movie theatre showing this film is probably about 4.


It blew me away, very powerful performance from Hardy and a great storyline. The final fight was just so intense and Nick Nolte did an outstanding job.

And I came away with some serious Trap-envy..


this must come to brazil otherwise i will be forced to download it =(


It definitely was a supremely satisfying movie.

Having done MMA, the fights were genuine. Kudos to the fight supervisor.
Everybody in this was top notch. Nick Nolte in particular was amazing, and Hardy is awesome. I CANNOT wait to see him as Bane. Even with a mask on I'm sure he'll steal the movie. Check him out in Bronson to see how badass he is, and what a capable actor he is.


I agree with this, to a point.

I enjoyed the movie and, throughout the whole thing, I really thought it was showing MMA in a decent light. Showing the fighters as people, instead of barbaric participants in "human cockfighting" like some of the public still thinks.


[b]- - - Kinda-Spoiler (vague plot details) - - -[/b]
Things took a quick turn and I was seriously disappointed with how they handled the final fight. No ref would ever let a fight continue when a fighter's injured like that.

I understand it was for dramatic effect and it fit the character's personality, but in terms of a realistic portrayal of pro MMA fighting, that final scene really sunk my confidence in recommending the movie to non MMA-fans.
[b]- - - Kinda-Spoiler - - -[/b]