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Warrior Diet

Has anyone had success with the Warrior Diet besides me? I have tweaked a few things and experienced much better success than the original plan or the modified version by Mr.Patterson.

Mark Baldwin

I’ve had a bit of success, mostly from the first couple of weeks though. I usually use it on my cheat days, that way i can go all out and not worry about getting fatter, which is nice. But what modifications did you make? I’d like to hear what you did.

please tell us what you alterations you made to the diet. That was one of the easiest diets I’ve even been on. However, I screwed up my calories and therefore I didn’t get much out of it. I would like to give it another go. Please drop some info on us!

Do you have a link for information about this diet? I have never heard of it.

Nags, do a search on this site for Warrior Diet. Mark, I lost some bodyfat on the diet, but found that I never really ‘adapted’ to not eating all day. Kept getting hungry, and then I would feel uncomfortable after eating alot at night. T-mag’s version of the diet seems more plausible. But I don’t think that Ori was correct when he said you could eat anything you wanted at night. Even after the first meal, you need to keep carbs low. None of this nonsense of being able to eat candy and pizza all night! Anyway, what did you tweak? I liked the concept of the diet, and not worrying about all those meals all day…how did you make it work for you?

I just read everything I could find on t-mag about the ‘Warrior Diet’ Honestly, I can not believe it would work in the ‘original’ version (though I am SURE it has worked for some people out there somewhere). the t-mag version seems more plausable, as the Grow! shakes are like mini-meals. I also know this, I was on an unintentional ‘Warrior Diet’ a few years ago. I was really busy, left home before 8 am and did not return until after 8 at night. Most days I ate nothing all day, though at night (when I was around food) I ate anything I wanted to… there are a few things to note here: I was not trying to lose weight, I did get hungry, but that hunger passed and I didn’t have any food with me so I couldn’t eat anyway, and I was not taking supplements. When you don’t fill your stomach when it is hungry, it shrinks, so when you do eat you end up eating less (that’s what I’ve always understood to be true anyway). This lasted about 2 months. The results of my ‘diet’ - severe hair loss, not much weight loss, but lots of lost strength, and now I have extreme reactions to lack of food, i.e. very bad headaches, almost debilitating weakness and disorientation. I now have cronic vitamin and mineral deficency, similar to the cronic problems that ex-anorexics and ex-bolumics have. Maybe my reaction was extreme, but I would encourage anyone considering using the ‘original’ version of the diet to consider their food/nutrition needs very carefully.

I am interested to know your ‘tweaks’ Mark, as if it did work for you I am sure there are many people out there who would love to eat what they want (pretty much anyway) and still have good results.