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Warrior Diet

Have any of you tried the warrior diet? I practice it religiously and think its a great way to stay lean and muscular. I’ve gained 8lbs. of solid muscle and have improved my willpower and focus. If any of you have tried it,tell me what you think, what supplements you take to help you, how and what you eat, and how you train.

what did you do hayden? I tried orie’s version of the warrior diet and lost fat for the first two weeks but went stagnant after that. I will admit however that I did not supplement well and went a little nuts for the second and third meal. What were YOUR lifting and diet schemes? I’m doing a bodyopus/warrior diet right now. I can usually go about 16-17 days w/o carbs but if I go all day without them and take in carbs at night no food is safe from being eaten.

I have been following the warrior diet for over a year with great results. As you stated, I feel great during the day and feel that my self control has been enhanced. Moreover, it reall feels great to break your fast after a strenuous workout. My workout routine is a combination of Pavel Tsatsouline’s weight routine and MAtt Furey’s combat conditioning exercises. Great combo for strength, endurance, and flexibility!