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Warrior diet

Greetings fellow t-maggers! I’m one of the crazy ones who pratices the warrior diet religiously but because I’ve done it so long my body has gotten use to it and have been gaining some great size as well as strength and haven’t stopped. I use androsol,methoxy,tribex,ribose-c,and powerdrive. I also use BCAA’s and up to 50 grams of glutamine a day. Who else does the warrior diet? What do you supplement with and how do apply it? Also do any of you know where Ori Hofmekler is now that M&M Power is gone? He was supposed to release the warrior diet book as well as the supplements. Ori left so many people hanging, what’s up with that!
Strength & Honor to Bodybuilding and farewell!

I’d like to know how long you’ve been practicing the Warrior Diet and how in the hell you made it work for you! Interested me because I’m a full time student and take care of my mom (stroke), and not worrying about the cost and inconvenience of eating 6 meals a day really appealed to me. I really tried for like 4 months, and then opted out…I wasn’t losing bodyfat very much (my main concern) and I kinda felt like shit at night because I felt so stuffed eating larger meals so close together. When I tried it I basically drank coffee and water all day (powerdrive in the morning), then worked out around 5 or 6pm, came home and drank a MRP (like Myoplex, Grow!, or Phosphagain 2). I would wait a little while and then eat a large green salad, protein (chicken, fish, or red meat), steamed veges and some fruit. Later I would have a protein bar or two, and some other ‘healthy’ snacks like toast with peanut butter and honey, yogurt, popcorn, etc. Have you lost a significant amount of bodyfat? (i.e. are you semi ripped?) I was very interested in the diet and was hoping that Ori would still come out with his book, but I called the magazine line and they didn’t have any info for me…I think Tim Patterson or TC should talk to Ori and get back to us, that would be too cool.

Maybe you should try a revised version of the diet.The diet is somewhat like it except you eat a protein based breakfast like a protein drink and then a protein based lunch like a chicken breast.You then continue to eat nothing till after your workout where you continue the late day binge part of the diet this time adding carbs.

I keep carbs to 50 to 100 grams (or even lower) a day in both the undereating and overeating phases (during the day I eat no carbs, just protein). This works well for me, although I’m not sure it’ll work for everyone. Don’t carb up too much at night or else during the day your body will use carbs as fuel, not your bodyfat. I would also suggest taking your minimum protein requirements, about 1x bodyweight. In a previous Warrior Diet thread, the diet was supremely bashed by people who couldn’t get it to work. I’m not sure what the problem is but I believe the biggest problem may relate to Tim Patterson selective interpretation of Ori’s interviews on the diet (“Testosteron’s Guide to the Warrior Diet”). It made it sound like Ori requires you to binge on junk food in your second and third meals. However, Ori should take most of the blame. According to Tim, Tim has asked Ori to share his timetable of the diet w/ T-Mag readers but Ori has refused. Appearantly, he wants to reveal the real info in his book (which is why many of his Warrior columns in M&MP were so useless). Well, let me tell you something, if he wants to sell his book, its not going to sell if everyone on the Net is bashing his diet.

I tried it for three months and I quit because I could never adjust to it. I crashed much too often.

I really don’t care to hear about what kinds of foods you’re supposed to be eating. I doubt warriors of the past fussed about what was on the table. None of the fine finagling over food timing and macronutrition sounds very instinctive to me.

If Ori comes out with the book, I might give it a thorough reading at Barnes and Nobel, but if I don’t see something new or requires me to take his brand of colostrum or bunch of different aminos at different times of the day while standing on one leg wearing a tutu, there is no way I’m buying the book.

Hyok…same here. Baines: if you have to restrict carbs, why not just call a spade a spade? Call it a low carb diet (not Warrior Diet)…I mean, the whole premise is that if you starve and burn fat all day, you can eat whatever you want after your first low glycemic meal. But that doesn’t seem to be the case; if you pig out at night, you deposit the fat and just use it and the glycogen as fuel the next day!!! Oh well, like Hyok said, if the book comes out I’ll read it at the bookstore (or even buy it if it’s not too expensive)—but I can’t see what would be any different.

MaClar: I’ve found every five days I can increase my carbs to about 170 or so for about two days straight without overbloating my glycogen stores if I follow things correctly five days before it. Also, I’ve found 100 carbs to be plenty if you save it at night, about 2 1/2 cups of cooked rice. Sorry, if you pig out at night, for many people I don’t think 16 hours is enough to burn your bloated glycogen reserves even if you don’t eat a fucken thing. As you found out, that won’t happen. I mean, it usually takes three days on normal, low-carb diets for this to happen. The Warrior Diet schedule presented on this site was just too extreme and ridiculas to work.

I used the warrior diet from december 1 until today. I didn’t lose anything,but at the same time I didn’t gain anything either this christmas which is usually not the case. I use the diet for maintenance phases and that lets me take a break from protein shakes and chicken without getting fat.

Baines, I guess that’s exactly what I’m trying to say…that wether or not you want to call the diet ‘Warrior Diet’ or ‘Ori Diet’, it’s still a low carb diet–you’re just not eating during the day! Ori says, even in M&M Power that after the low glycemic meal that breaks the fast, you can overeat on pretty much anything you want. I think it was in the second issue that he said it WOULD work even if a guy’s second meal at night is a whole pizza! Obviously, this just isn’t the case…and that’s what kind of irritates me. The whole premise of the diet principles is that you WANT to overeat at night…this is one of the main topics stressed: overeating is supposed to raise your metabolic rate and do all sorts of magical things (as is fasting).