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Warrior Diet

I’ve just read about the Warrior diet for the first time and been very intrigued by it, actually intrigued enough to try it.I was just wondering about a few things.Since the diet says I should fast for most of the day, would it be a good idea to take a fat burner first thing in the morning, along with 5 grams of glutamine/or without.I’m also thinking if doing some cardio in the morning would be beneficial to increase the fat burning throughout the day.Normally I wouldn’t even think about doing cardio but it seems like it has a place in this diet.Anyway does anyone here use this diet, and how has it been working for you, also what supplements have you been using.

I use this diet for both cutting and gaining muscle and, for me, it’s the best diet I’ve ever tried. The only supplement I take is creatine. I eat a chicken breast at around 10am (but this is just protein… NO carbs), although it’s not a necessity.

You can try the fatburner… I used ephedrine on this diet with great results. Since ephedrine also suppresses your appetite it can help. Altough… I must say, after the first 2 or 3 days you usually don’t get hungry during the day (unless you’re really active maybe).

I honestly don’t know about the cardio. First get used to the diet, then try add the cardio and see how it makes you feel. Remember to change things one at a time to find out what works and what screws things up.

When I first tried the Warrior diet I loved it and I still do it up to today. I like it cause it was the first time that I was able to get my bodyfat down into the 8%-12% range and not feel weak or hungry or loose so much muscle mass. Currently I do it Monday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday I eat whatever I want and however but yet try to keep it clean if possible although on both phases I still sneak in junk food. Monday-Thursday I try not to get a bite in until after 4 or 5 pm. And at first it’s hard to get accostumed to not giving your body food when it wants it and you can get through this phase by using an appetite suppresant or on pure will. With pure will you develop and get rewarded menatlly cause you know that it is one more thing in your life you have control over. Conclusion, practice this diet and you 1) Get a mental lift 2)Your always in shape and look sleek and people notice and it draws attention and 3) And you just have more energy overall because the body works less in transporting items throughout your body because of less body fat. Should you use supplements. I just use the basics like essentail fats and vitamins but use products and I can’t see why not.the results can only get better.

DOJ: although taking off days from this diet may seem harmless… I’d actually recommend against it. I have two reasons for not going off at all:

  1. Your metabolism decreases when on this diet (not eating often), so if you DO cheat you’ll pick up more fat than on a conventional diet. (I can’t prove this… but the theory sounds good to me).

  2. The warrior diet is tough the first day or two, then easy. This is because your glycogen reserves expand and cortisol levels may be a little higher those first two days, but then go down.

So I really think you’d enjoy the diet more (and get MUCH better) by not cheating!

Cool, thanks for all the helpful replys.

I’ve also been experimenting with the diet…just started however. Has anyone actually GAINED muscle on this, or any loss in strength? I noticed on the scale today (after 2 days of the diet) that I lost 4 lbs. Just wanting to hear other folks expirances with this.

For myself, I received the same fat burning results with or without a fat burner. To gain lbm, you’ll have to change your strategy by increasing your carb intake substantially in the overeating phase to protect (and feed) your muscles during the undereating phase (good reason to take Ribose-C so to retain glycogen). I usually take in almost 3000 calories per day on this method. When cutting, cut to 100 grams of carbs per day and discontinue Ribose-C.

I’ve tried this diet a few times since reading about it on T-Mag a year ago,I had success while on it.I find there is limited info on the fine details and have many questions that are not adressed in the short teaser articles in Power mag.When I first tried the diet it had a fasting phase,now there’s a under-eating phase.I play hockey in the mornings and found my energy lacked during my evening work-out without any food.I had to be very disciplined not to binge on pizza when i did finally eat because by that time I was starving and any restaurant I passed looked very satisfying.I would give the Warrior Diet a try again when the hyped book finally comes out with more details.

I’m a bit confused about a few things.On this diet, aren’t you allowed to eat whatever you want when it’s time to overeat cuz i mean it is a diet based on instincts not control.What I was thinking of doing was when it was time to eat, I was going to make my first meal a nutritous one with clean foods and be sure I was getting all the nutrition I need and eat till I was full.If I was hungry a few hours later I would finally just eat something I was craving and be sure to include something again I needed in terms of nutrition.I would eat until I was full but not stuff myself like a pig.Well that’s about it for now.Thanks for the replies so far.

I’ve been practicing the Warrior diet for a few months now, and have had pretty good results overall, but not as good as some people are reporting. My bodyfat levels aren’t that low yet, although I have dropped some weight, my hunger levels haven’t disappeared from switching to the ‘glucagon system’ yet. Been practicing the diet religiously too. I’ve been very strict about not eating during the fasting stage, and only having a low carb MRP or chicken, fish, beef meal in afternoon if I can’t make it through the day, but most of the time I get through the entire day without eating. I do drink copious amounts of coffee, as Ori recommended once in a short article, but I’m not sure if using stimulants is a great idea, I’ve been ‘crashing’ in the afternoon because of the excessive caffeine. Never tried glutamine yet, but I can’t see why you couldn’t just take 20 grams of whey protein in the afternoon. I’m wondering if I’m just one of those who may not benefit from this type of eating, but I really, really do like the philosophy behind it, and I feel ‘freer’ during the day without worrying about eating six frickin meals a day…(sorry Body-for-Lifers!) Labrada just came out with a low carb Lean Body MRP that would be perfect for an afternoon protein snack, until of course Testosterone comes out with a low carb Grow! MRP. I’ve been doing 20 minutes of moderate intensity cardio after my evening weight training workouts, seems to work out ok.

I too use this diet while both dieting and bulking, except I have made changes to it. For the first six hours or so after I wake up, I consume two, to three protein only shakes (zero carbs) of 25 grams each. Then, an hour before I workout I have 50 grams of protein with some oatmeal. Then I workout, and afterwards have a protein, maltodextrin shake. After that, I have a low glycemic meal, and the rest of the day I just eat protein, and some fruit. When dieting, I just add cardio. I consume around 2750 calories while bulking, and 2200 while dieting. I feel I have more energy on this diet than any other.

I have ben doing the warrior diet for over a year and love it! I have tried taking various supplements during the day such as glutamine, powerdrive, tyrosine powder, MD6, and believe that after the first few days your body adapts and supplementation for the most part is unnecessary. I still enjoy taking Powerdrive for the mental boost and MD6 to burn fat like crazy. However, I found that I was losing way to much weight when taking MD6 with the warrior diet. Thus, some experimentation is necesary. I usually go 8-10 hours withour eating any food including protein shakes. I break my fast with a big raw salad, cook a big meal, and then eat whatever I want throughout the night. The diet is liberating and I feel energetic and mentally alert all day long.

Bart: About your question of whether or not you can eat anything you want after the first meal. To drop bodyfat, restrict your carbs (about 100 grams)… Several people have tried eating the Warrior Diet w/ a mess of junk food and although they would lose fat for the first two weeks, progress would then stop. About once or twice a week, you can gorge on carbs a bit but you must regularly restrict them because if you overstuff your glycogen reserves, then your body (during the fasting phase) will feed off them instead of bodyfat. Keep in mind if save your 100 grams for the end of the day, it’s a good amount.

Thanks for the replies guys.I was also wondering if taking Probiotics or enzymes were needed while on this diet.In the magazine,MnM power, it seems this are the most important to use.Anyway thanks for the info.

The need for supplements on this diet is pretty much unnecessary I think. Remember, man survived millenia without any vitamin/mineral supplements or any other supplements. If you want to increase the amount of beneficial intestinal flora in your gut eat yogurt with ‘live active cultures’. Digestive enzymes are pretty much useless as the digestive system treats them like any other protein and breaks them down into individual amino acids…your body produces all the enzymes it needs.

Has anyone tried this diet with a morning workout? I like the concept of the diet, but it seems to be tailored to an evening workout. What should I eat for a post-workout meal (shake) if I can’t have any carbs until the evening?

MarkG: On Sunday I train in the mornings. I eat a lot for about 4-5 hours after training, then only again at night, but that time just a little, otherwise it’s too difficult to make it through the next day. However, if you are going to train EVERY morning, then just eat in the 4-5 hours after you’ve trained. At night, see how you feel, if your gylcogen reserves have been depleted you will feel a bit light headed… you know, that low carb feeling. If you DO feel that, you can have just a few carbs to top up.

The Warrior diet kicks ass for full time students. I find it to be suited for maintnance of what you have with minimal effort on the nutrition side of things. I also found it to have a potent kick for the 1st week or so, lean bodyweight stimulation wise. I highly recommended it for the full time student looking to maintain with minimal effort.

I like the concept behind this diet, but I don’t see why you couldn’t switch the overeating phase to any other time of the day (like mornings) and then start your fast after that? It’s not like eating at night has any ‘magical’ properties, the thing that seems to make this diet work is fasting for a long time, which allows your body to burn fat and detox.

Maclar, I think the reason for the overeating phase at night has many reasons.One of them being that the article said was that people back then would be active during the day(gathering food or stuff like that).Then when they were at a state of relaxation, like at night, then they would binge and eat as much as they want.The diet tries to let us teach our bodies to react that way again, which makes sense to me.Sometimes during the days I would not feel to hungry to eat and end up not eating until night time, and when I did, I would gorge on food until I was full and I would be full pretty quickly.Even though I ingested a lot of calories at one time, more often than not, that would be the only meal I would eat because I wouldn’t be hungry anymore hours after and before bed.Also I think the reason it shouldn’t be in the morning is because we’ve all stuffed ourselves with a big breakfast before and hours later found ourselves hungry again.Now, if we tried to keep it to one meal a day it would be pretty hard to try to keep ourselves from eating again throughout the day, especially those night time carb cravings.Anyway, that’s just my opinion on it.I also have a few questions.Fasting throughout the day brings the benefit of detox, what exactly does this mean.Does it mean defecating, pissing, sweating toxins out of our bodies, etc.?