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Warrior Diet

I just read the Warrior Diet Book, I was kind of blown away. I am deciding to try it. I know a few t-maggers have had success. I want to know what you did, vitamins, supplements, food etc to make the diet work. How much lifting and Cardio/intervals can you do without losing muscle. Any other advice appreciated.

I don’t have much info to offer, but I also found the book interesting. Good luck!

I really wouldn’t recommend that. I’ve tried it before and the results were not impressive, but were much better with glutamine peptide. I would suggest Fat Fast or Don’t Diet.

One thing that keeps me skeptical is that the Pictures of ORI in the book are pretty wimpy. His arms look like pee shooters, and his shoulders look very small, abs are decent but deformed looking (more genetic), and his legs don’t look cut at all. How is this supossed to be magical if the author is subpar far from a hunter predator he proclaims to be

read T- mag article ‘the diet manifesto’ - the t-mag staff mostly shit all over this diet, and say that the majority of feedback from readers has been negative. you could try it and see if you are one of the lucky few who respond to it, or you could try something with a better track record and some hard scientific data to back it up, like massive eating

One thing this author fails to recognize (though I must admit I haven’t read the whole thing) is that warriors ate in the morning and night. there just wasn’t the lunch thing.
I look at literature from Roman soldiers and Shaka Zulu, and both clearly show carb meals in the morning with meat (corn meal for the Zulus and “meal” for the Romans), and meat at night. I don’t think a soldier fought all day on an empty stomach, but again I only read excerpts so maybe he explains this. His example of Ramadan is off too as a Muslim freind of mine tells me it’s an avoidance of all material and wordly things, sex included, and is not a tradition of eating only at sun down.
I think the guy has some good points, and I try to skip lunch when I’m dieting, but I’m not too sure that the body wouldn’t have a massive insulin surge in response to the fasting/gorging cycle that may not self-regulate when you go off the diet.

ON another note, warriors faught, marched, hunted, and excersized all day long. We don’t, regardless of our timed workouts. Thus we are not expending energy in the same fashion.

Also read the “Stuff We Like” review of the book by Shugart in previous issues. More like Stuff We Don’t Like.

Ive been on the diet for 2 days now, I have to say much to my surprise I had so much energy while in a fasted state. Eating only some berries and almonds. I think your mind is much more sharp when your hungry, Think about it. Our body developed to build muscle and get stronger way before their were weight rooms and so called nutrition experts. Food especially meat and fish were never that readily available. You had to kill it, skin it catch it cook it then eat it. The day time was more like a few berries and nuts. While that burning hunger keep you focused and un fulfilled. I am much more productive and enjoy eating a large meal at night its refreshing to not be a slave to eating 6 meals a day. Look at all muscular hunter animals they don’t eat 6 times a day. When you take a predator and continously feed him they get lazy. I suggest everyone should try the diet for a few days just to check it out.