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Warrior diet

Has anyone used the Warrior diet (the proper version, not TP’s)? If so, what kind of results should one expect? What are the food you should eat vs. avoid?


I tried it low carb, which Ori says you can do, and due to various factors couldn’t get it to work. My maintainence cals are about 3500, which makes up one hell of a meal in the evening. Even though I was trying to cut and ate only 3000, my bodyfat didn’t change at all. I was eating 2x500 calorie meals in the earlier part of the day and cramming in the 2000 calories post workout, sometimes all at once and sometimes in 2x1000 meals about 2 hrs apart. I ate this way for a month.
However, my girlfriend at the time also tried the diet, and did pretty well, leaning out nicely, though I don’t have any BF stats to give you since we never measured for it.
My take on the warrior diet is that you probably could do well on it if your maintainence calories aren’t too high. Remember that Ori himself is about the size of a gymnast, minus decent arms. I understand his rationale, and admit that his arguments do have a lot of good points. Neither I nor my girlfriend were hungry at any stage during the day,nor got cravings for crap.
For someone with a lower maintainence calorie level and not looking to gain size or strength, it would be worth trying.It certainly does save you time during the day.
My main problems with the diet were in the erea of digestion and assimilation. To put it bluntly, eating that amount of calories in such a short time frame might sound like fun, but all it did was give me the shits, literally. I might add that the sex life went down hill - you try hitting the hay with two whole chickens in your gullet and see how much you feel like doing the wild thing.I think the main holes in the diet for someone with higher calorie requirements are that the body just can’t effectively deal with so many calories at any one time, post workout or not, and the comfort problems that come with eating a meal or meals that leave your guts looking like a pro bodybuilder’s. I gave the diet an honest shot for a month to see if my body would adapt to this style of eating, but I wasn’t willing to waste any more time than that. When the month was up, I went straight back to my old diet. Good luck.

I read the book, it’s nothing like the articles here. You can pick it up at dragondoor.com

It's more of a lifestyle than a diet. I will never do it, but found it interesting.

I’ve been doing the diet for almost 3 years and have achieved great results. Infact, my physique now looks better than it ever has in my 6 yrs of training. This diet is definitely not for everyone. It either works for you or not. For me it’s worked wonders while using all Biotest supps. with my training. I think this diet needs to be practiced for quite a while before you find out how to use it. It took me a year and a half before I finally found out what works best for me. It could have been sooner but the book wasn’t released until much later so when it was first introduced here, we had no clue how to really get it’s full benefits. Read the book to get the fundamentals of what the diet is about and give it a try. If you are patient you’ll find what works best for you, as this diet tailors around your own body. But remember, it might not even work for you at all.