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Warrior diet

Has anyone out there had any success with the warrior diet. I have a lot of fat to lose and muscle to build and the six meal a day thing has worked(as far as losing fat goes).

i have used it and do.
it has worked for me and continues to.
if you want to discuss details or whatever,
just say so.

If you want to lose fat while gaining muscle follow the Anabolic Diet, it did great things for me. It’s in some of the past Testosterone issues.

I think the warrior diet is great after a keto diet. It keeps me from getting fat and I get to eat pretty much what i want

Jason I was thinking of trying this diet. Did it actually work for you?? What type of training did you do while you were on it. What exactly did you eat?
Thanks for your response.

First off-i’m sorry JJ. i thought for some reason that you wrote this message, not marc. oops. anyway, for anyone that this helps:
i’m 5’10", 205-210lbs (lean). i am now trying to alternate high cal w/ low cal days (5 days each) to shake things up. i consume around 3075 cal on high days (approximately-235g prot/310g carb/100g fat) and 2120 cal on low cal days (approx-210g prot/180g carb/60g fat). this alternating thing is new. before this it was pretty much all 3000 cal or so everyday. i take in a grow shake before my wkout, and then eat my meal immediately after.
on wkout days i take in my high gi foods first and eat from there. on non-wkout days i start my meal w/ the lower gi foods and go on. ori ate considerably more and was apparently not concerned very much w/ gaining fat and/or fat loss. the amount of food i consume equals one large meal that takes awhile to eat–not several medium size meals that requires 3 or 4 hours to eat. this works well for me. i use westside barbell method of training (go to deepsquater.com for info) and do dynamic stretching about 2-3 times a day (per stretching scientifically by kurz). i take a multi vitamin, extra anti-oxidants and that’s it. no supp’s. i think this pretty much covers everything. if i missed anything jj, 5big, just let me know. this is the best diet approach for me. all at once. i’ve gained considerable size, definition and functional strength increase using above methods. hope this helps.

Animalbolics…It’s effective and easy. Don’t eat, train like hell, eat like its going outta style.

I agree. Animalbolics is the best diet I’ve ever tried! I usually take in 3 shakes before I work out. The first two have 25 grams of protein, and 15 grams of fat, zero carbs. The third one is 25 grams of protein, and 30 grams of carbs from oatmeal, about 45 minutes before I work out. After I work out, I have another shake with 50 grams of whey, and 75 grams of maltodextrin. Next meal is an hour and a half later, consisting of 50 grams of protein from meat (chicken, or beef), an apple, and a little pasta. The rest of the night I snack on cottage cheese. I take a multi vit, and a lot of metamucil to get some fiber in.

What fatty described sounds like the warrior diet. what czar described sounds like a shake diet. somebody detail this more. please.

No. But I have had phenomenal succes with the Politician Diet’Bush Style’!

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