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Warrior Diet - Personal Experience

Has anyone ever tried the warrior diet? I admit it is very different from what I am used to but it seems ideal to me as a college student. I have access to all I can eat dining halls but I end up spending tons of money going to them all day. Plus I am very busy throughout the day. Also I do my most caloric indulgence such as drinking on the weekends in the evening anyhow. It seems as though I could take advantage of the whole college life better with this diet. Even without considering the drinking aspect please give me your experiences with this diet. THANKS!!!

I hit the warrior diet for about three weeks. I got really cut, but lost muscle. I couldn’t hardly workout after the third day into it. I went from full body workouts 3 days a week to nearly passing out 3 days a week. Tim Patterson’s retouch on the diet helped alot. Oh yeah and with all that ripped fuel…my temper became a major problem. My advice would be to use it for a month tops. Take in a shitload of glutamine and ala. And for god sake STAY HYDRATED. One more thing, I’m in the military so I drink like a fish…but when on this diet take the drinking slow…believe me you feel the buzz in no time.

I tried it wholeheartedly (I’m also a college student). My experience was this: I NEVER adapted to not eating all day. No matter how long I stuck with the diet, I got hungry during the day. I felt way too full at night after overeating, which made it difficult to study and concentrate. Lost some fat, but never really got lean. Trying to base my life activities to make sure I worked out around 6 or 7 pm was a pain in the ass. It was a good concept on paper, but never really worked well for me, although some people have posted that they got great results.

Did it for 2 months to get cut. My BF% came down for 2-3 weeks tops then just stuck no matter how big or small small the meal was. After that size and strength went down dramatically. Changed back to 6 meals/day with low carbs and quickly lost another 1% bf. In a nutshell, the easiest is 6 meals with low carbs and fat when cutting and at least 6 meals as per Massive Eating when bulking (Im on this now and in 3 weeks am up 5 pounds with .5% less bodyfat).

I used it during the thanksgiving christmas season to my advantage. I also do it on my cheat days.

Gustojack, do you think the glutamine is necessary on the warrior diet? I’ve used it before, and it worked okay, I leaned out a bit. I didn’t use glutamine though, and I’m willing to give it a try again if you think the glutamine is really what helped you lean out. Thanks man.

I love the warrior diet. I’ve never really made gains on it. However, it kicks much ass for maintnance during the school year. Basically, you eat terrible but you retain all the muscle you’ve worked so hard on putting on, and you don’t gain an ounce of bodyfat. You can’t ask for more, especially during a busy school year.