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Warrior Diet Help


Last week I saw all of Chad's Livespill comments about the Warrior Diet. I have been lost 12 pounds of fat in 2011, but have recently stalled, so I thought I would give it a try. First three days, I felt ok with the fast during the day, eating in the evenings. However, I woke up on morning #4 and felt like I had been through a Powerlifting meet the night before, so sore I could barely stand. I've been on the same workout schedule since February, no leap in volume or intensity. So Day 5 I decide to eat throughout the day, taking in same amount of protein (160g) but about 100g more carbs. Felt a ton better on Day 6.

Is this common? Is it temporary? Should I be putting bio-available protein into my body throughout the day?

Basic info on me:
Age 38, been training 3+x/week since I was 18.
Height 5'9"
Weight 198 lbs
Benched 205x10 this morning, Squatted 305x5 off a 10" box with just a belt.
Work a moderately high-stress corporate job (long hours + travel each month, but less stressful than my last job)

I train using CT's old "Warroom Strategies" plan, with Bench, Squat 5/3/1 on my muscle preservation days, and use Cosgrove-style complexes w/ eliptical on metabolic days. I am also on Day 42 of the PLP. Yes, it is a lot of volume for me as a PL'er, but I lost 35lbs this way back in 2007 (didn't do PLP then.) I trained Simmons/Tate/conjugate-methods for years.

Thanks in advance!


Look into the leangains intermittent fasting method. Google it. Martin Berkhan is the guy...