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Warrior Diet for Us Geezers


The National Institute of Aging has some good things to say about this type of diet.


Granted, the results are preliminary and more human tests are in the works. But it does appear to be a good way to lose fat, get the blood pressure down, fight cancer, and so forth.

Anyone else here tried the diet?


This article talks about fasting as having a positive effect on the insulin response of muscle cells, but speaks nothing of overall retention of muscle mass. I think that would be more important for the aged and aging.


Yes, but he assumes you work out. He also says (in the book) to take a pre-workout protein supp, if you want to add muscle mass.

I'm on day 3 and feel great! Hungry, but great!


Keep us informed Thx


I've had the diet book for years and I love Ori's writing. I base a large proportion of my way of life (eating and exercising) on our ancestry and our genetic makeup.

My only problem is keeping my bodyweight up (now 250). The evening "meal" is a lot of fun though!

I've been through a few attemps but lost too much muscle too quickly and I'm not willing to do that yet.

Have you tried the Anabolic Diet? It has dropped my blood pressure from the point where my life insurance rate was double what it should be to "perfect". Not sure of insulin and other 3's.


I'm on my 5th day. My skin is more clear, I sleep much better and feel better overall. Today, I did 100 pushups in front of my first hour class (as a challenge to our varsity footballers to get off their asses and win states next year! :slight_smile:

BTW: I spent 2 months building up to the 100, so the diet didn't magically increase my total.


Head Hunter How is the diet going?
Thax PB


Thanks for asking, PB!

Man, this is going to sound like I'm pimping this guy's diet, but this diet is great! I'm down from 286 to 278, my energy is way up, and I just plain feel better! I was just at the doc's today (Spring break and I'm a teacher.). My blood pressure was 118/70 !! I was totally in SHOCK!

The thing for me was to eat a little bit, a small amount of almonds or a banana, throughout the day, then eat like Lee Priest on a bulk phase at night. Not eating or very reduced eating during the day gives your body a chance to burn off fat, but the little bit of food makes the diet much more tolerable.

In summary so far, I can't imagine ever going off this diet. I like the simplicity of it -- no cal counting, no food tracking (I'm too lazy for that :). Its worth a try for anyone.


I lived for about four months "like a warrior". Because of certain reasons, I had to abandon the diet but you can be sure I'm gonna come back to it in a couple of weeks.
Man, did I feel good back then!
The first week was a bit strange, though not really problematic.
After that, I really enjoyed a totally new and cool bio rythm. No lazyness after supper, full batteries whole day and good sleep.

I realize most of the folk here will laugh in my face because the TWisemen here constantly preach about the importance of breakfast and stuff.
The diet really worked for me. A bodybuilder, however, will have a hard time putting mass on himself with it.
BTW, I'm 27.


Is that because it's too difficult to get enough calories in one meal to gain weight? Or is some other reason?


Thanks I will have to get that book. Keep us informed


Well, honestly, I don't know for sure, but I do strongly doubt that it is possible to bulk with just one major meal (even if it's a "warrior's feast")


Yes. I started using the diet because my maintenance is roughly 3700 cals/day. If I consume 500 during the day, I'd have to eat 3200 in one meal just to stay even. Its possible, but very unlikely, for me to eat that in one sitting.

Now that my tournament season is over, I started using CW's 10 X 3 program, to keep some muscle and strength. Ori's workout is designed to lean you out, more for a guy who has to go into combat as opposed to bulking. It's not a muscle building diet, for sure. But I'm 278, so wouldn't mind losing some muscle to get to 240 :slight_smile:



Given the calories that you have to eat in your feast, what would a typical meal look life?

Also, did you just drop straight into "Warrior Mode", or did you slowly decrease the amount of food that you ate during the day?


I'm very skeptical primarily because I've read that sumo wrestlers employ a similar eating pattern - near starvation during the day followed by binge eating at night - to gain their enormous size. I realize that the WD doesn't advocate binging, but still, it just seems too similar to the "sumo diet."


Good questions. I didn't change my type of food (got a family), so I'll eat the same stuff -- but more of it. My wife was shocked when I ate 3 plates of spaghetti, btw. BUT, I found that I've lost all desire for breads, cookies, and that sort of stuff. When I did bite into a cookie my 5 year old daughter gave me, the taste was just too sweet -- blech!! Ori says in the book to eat anything you want, except pastries and that sort of thing.

I like the modified version of the diet, wherein (and he say this is okay) you get to nibble -- veggies, a little cheese, almonds throughout the day. I did the water-only a couple of times and it is BRUTAL!

Remember, his theory is that: Days are for activity, nights are for relaxing and eating. It really works, for me anyway.


Make sure you read the link at the top. This diet has a lot of positives. I like that research is bearing Ori out.

On a philosophic note, I like his idea that food is a way for society to keep people docile. Who wants a bunch of lean, aggressive warriors running loose? Might upset the soccer moms! :slight_smile:


this is very interesting.

  1. i know of two older guys, both were once professional boxers back in the 60's, that were taught to eat just once a day. train all day, feast and sleep at night. these two old guys still both eat this way, and for ANY age, have great physiques. instead of boxing, they weight train for their upper body and run for lower body every day.

i did a similar thing, about 4 years ago, where i only ate one "meal" a day, and 2 mrp's (one before, one after training) and was the leanest i had ever been(190-195lbs) 240 lbs now.

i am going to give this a spin, the only thing is that i work 16 hour night shifts every thursday friday and saturday. i work form 3 pm, to 7 am the next morning. how would i work that?



How are things going?


3 weeks in and my weight is stuck at 279. I feel better, more energetic and so forth, during the day, but the weight is staying. Is this common while on a diet?

My digestion is much improved and I've actually gotten stronger in the dead and bench.