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Warrior Diet for Fat Loss?

Was wondering about it…if any one tried it…help me with it?

NEver tried it, BUT, any diet that addresses your nutrient needs and doesn’t have excess calories (which will support the fat you wanna lose), will work if you follow it.



Check out Marty Gallagher’s “Purposeful Primitive” on kindle. Super cheap, goes over the diet quite a bit in the nutrition section.

Third year in a row on a warrior diet cut. It works. And it works well. But i do think that it works not due to some magic nutrient timing and insulin manipulation, but because with just one meal a day it is (relatively) hard to overeat.
I also add carb cycling.


Yep. Fasting just makes it anecdotally far easier to keep that caloric intake from being excessive.

Indeed. For me 16-8 and then 18-6 or 20-4, OMAD, etc. I don’t truly think any of them are particularly magical in some sense. It’s just really hard to overeat if you limit yourself to short periods of eating.

OP I think you will have success with most diets you can adhere to. I still think food quality matters, but for me at least some type of fasting protocol is much easier for me to lose fat on. I find the body quickly adapts and honestly even when I go periods without any type of fasting which I do from time to time going back is easy.