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Warrior Diet For Boxer?

hey wut up guys, great site you got here. quick question. i tried to search for the warrior diet, but didnt get my question answered. i was wondering if the warrior diet would benefit a boxer? i train about 3 times a day (roadwork-morning, skills-afternoon, plyometrics-evening) my diet is all natural foods, lots of carbs obviously and ample protein. if i wanted to incorporate this diet to drop some pounds, would it be a good idea, and how exactly would i go about it. i’m new to the whole diet. thanks guys for your help.

Eat nothing through the day (you could prob snack on nuts & berries), until after your last training session & then eat a feast in order of proteins, carbs then fats. Keep to natural foods.

It may be tough for you to continue to train at that level initially. Although I’ve heard others say that eventually they get used to it and even experience gains in energy.

For myself, even though I don’t train as much as you, I’ve been able to adjust to it after a week or so and had no problems. Feel sharper and more focused as well. That may be a plus in the ring.

I’m getting ready to start some Krav Maga classes soon, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

Good luck.

ive played with it, ive got pretty lean on it, but i wasnt competing at the time. Now im more serious, i couldnt justify the decline in quality of training while my body became used to it…

cool thanks alot for the advice. now when i eat my evening meal do i just eat whatever foods i normally eat through out the day in one big meal, or do i eat certain foods (like mostly protein, etc.)? thanks again.

yeah, one of the positives is you dont count calories. i found myself eating heaps of homemade pizzas on it. You’ll lose weight because you just cant physically cant fit all the food (calories) in you would have throughout the day & your body isnt using food for fuel when you exercise.

i think foods from the paleo diet, at a ratio from the zone diet timed like the warrior diet would be an awesome combo. check out the dragondoor forum for more info. on the warrior diet. you can prob pick the book up cheaply enough on the net too…

I tried the Warrior diet during volleyball season back in high school. I would say that for any sports required high-intensity, it is not optimal to use the Warrior diet. I found myself dizzy for after a hard volleyball practice (lots of plyos and sprints).

Considering you train 3x’s a day, I would recommend a slight modification of The Zone diet. A little less carbs and more fats before your workouts, a little more carbs and less fats after.

Forgot to ask…

What is your goal? Lose weight? Gain weight? Optimal Boxing results? Are you training for a upcoming fight? etc.

i’m trying to drop down a weight class and its usually hard for me to lose fat because im very lean already and i didnt want to wast a lot of months droppin the weight becuase i wanna fight as fast as possible.

Do you know your bodyfat percentage?

What weight are you at currently and what are you dropping to?

Have you cut weight before (water weight)? If so, how did you do it? Did you carb deplete as well?

Warrior diet isn’t used by many if at all by top level athletes (let along athletes in general). So why model after something that has never been shown to work?

yea ur right i decided against it no way i could work like i do with one meal a day jus couldnt happen. thanks for the help though. anyway, my body fat percentage is around 6%, never 100% accurate, im dropping from 168 to 160, and i have dropped that in water weight before a week before the fight, but that takes so much out of u i dont want to do that no more. anyway thanks for all the replies!

Go get Berardi’s Grapplers Guide To Sports Nutrition. It has heaps of useful shit in it for combat athletes, not just grapplers…

thanks sjfou, thats a good book by Berardi lots of info. cool. one more question. my boy jus hooked me up wit a bottle of Carbolin 19 said it would help lost weight. i read about it and it sounds like its for building muscle (like gaining mass). would it benefit me to take that?

You could use it to preserve muscle mass while being calorie deficient, but im no expert. it probably wont help your immediate goals - what supps do you normally take?

i take protein, glutamine, and vitamin c. thats about it.

i think you’ll find you’ll recover better, therefore grow & be heavier on it. if you werent so low in bodyfat id say go for it…