Warrior Diet Feasts and Benefits

Just finished to read The Warrior Diet book and i have been following it for a few days, not because of fat loss but because it is easier to follow than being worried about eating 4 times a day cooking and carrying food around at work or at the gym, also eating often makes me sleepy.
I am interested to know if you follow this diet and if you have noticed some differences in your training, behaviour, sleep recovery etc.
Also i am curious about what you eat so i can find some inspiration for my future dinners

I did it for some time, sometimes eating virtually nothing through the day (which is not what Hofmekler actually recommends). It did assist with keeping lean but, IMO, it reinforces negative eating patterns if you already have such tendencies. In other words, if you are prone to binge eating then you will regard this diet as licence to do so. Hofmekler, like so many other authors trying to sell a diet, condones this up to a point. Likewise, instinctive eating does not work for many folks, especially if you are trying to adhere to a consistent calorie deficit. I disagree with Hofmekler strongly on that one. My last ‘negative’ observation is that I believe it can lead to cortisol issues over the longer term. I made good progress but got to that stage where I thought it was working against me in terms of stubborn fat, fatigue, etc.

I still do IF but think I have a greater handle on it through more structured eating with attention to timing, macros and kcal intake. I credit Hofmekler for introducing me to IF and have huge respect for him (which prompted me to purchase a few of his books) but I couldn’t personally go back to his version of the diet.

I think if our ancestors had option, they would much rather eat like today .
The argument for paleo i get, i believe are bodys have actually changed alot since 50,000 BC. How many 6ft 200lb men were around then?
A co-worker of mine mainly eats one huge meal a day after work before bed, his protein based meal, beef stew, chilli, spaghetti, chicken fajita. Then might have a few nutrigrain bars , a chex mix, or peanuts at work.
6ft 190 has physical job but is lean , high energy at 48 years old.
As are ancestors had big hunt, ate food as fast as possible no fridge, predators . Then ate what they found between hunts.