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Warrior Diet Ebook?


Anybody buy Ori Hofmekler's Warrior Diet Ebook? I saw it for 24.00 USD and just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with it.

Worth it or should I try to score a copy from interlibrary loan?


Boy dont have it or will but I think if interested it seems pretty simple and the article here pretty nmuch explains it.


i was on the diet for a few months last year. it is the real thing. i became lean and strong at the same time. the joy of eating an epic meal at the end of the day was euphoric.
i found there was a serious downside. the odd nature of fasting during the day and gorging at night became a drag after awhile. i actually went into a bit of a depression because of my growing dependency on my nightly fix of food.
but i still say, go for it! try it and let us know!
go nuts.


This was an article on T-Nation years back. I believe annecdotal evidence since the publication of the article has found it to be NOT A GOOD THING.

And seriously don't spunk your money on the book, I'll lay it out for you here:

Eat nothing all day.

Eat a fucking shitload in the evening.

Lose muscle

Gain Fat


Do a search on T-Nation and have a read.



Not sure if your question is in regards to the ebook only or just a copy of the warrior diet period but i think it would be worth it at only $24. Even if you don't follow the diet, it still has some interesting ideas. Besides if you do actually try it im sure that you will see some results... it wouldn't hurt to try.


The T-Nation staff has even warned against following the Warrior Diet due to its serious flaws.

I'd spend the money one one of Berardi's nutrition books or DVDs.


I just think it sounds interesting and Ori seems like a real character. I doubt I will try the diet wholesale, but he may very well have some ideas worth implementing. I think I'll just try to have interlibrary loan track it down for me.


I tried the diet for a few weeks , a few years back . I felt great , focused and energetic( like a predator )during the daily fast .

If you eat well you wont gain fat .You can eat limited amounts of food (mostly berries and protein shake ) to get you through the fasting period..

I had to stop because i work shifts and it was hard to do the diet correctly.

It worked for me , but may not for you, depending on your metabolism.

I plan on doing it again..


If you're eating, then it's not a fast, no?


Thus why I think the book would be an interesting read. I think in the article Ori says he'll sometimes eat a whole chicken during the day if he needs to.


A whole chicken? That's my kind of fast! :slight_smile:

I've found his ideas intriguing, but have never delved too deeply into them. Where did you see the book? Twenty-something bucks doesn't sound that bad.

My one caveat is this: I train in the early morning (around 7:00), on leg day I could eat a horse (nevermind a chicken) throughout the day. If I really had to fast, I don't think I could make it through leg day.


Miserere , you can eat come berries , but thats about it , around noon . They are permitted because they are rich in nutrient , but very low in calories. So it helps you go through the fasting period . on late afternoon i took a low carb protein shake (25 gr. Protein) and was good to go..

As Ori Hofmekler says the diet is best for someone who trains later in the day and is not optimal for a workout in the morning ,since the feeding part is in the evening .

I think its worth reading and trying.
By the way , the french bodybuiler Serge Nubret , if i remember correctly was using this diet or a variation of it ..


Now THAT is interesting. If my google-fu is up to scratch then he was a big mofo, and lean as hell [at comp times].

Some scientific evidence does point that this diet is optimium [such as GH levels being highest after a period of fasting - much higher then those created by heavy weight training], as well as the idea you are shedding fat all the way through the day, then building muscle from the food. Specious reasoning at best in my opinion.

Actualy I think this diets place is as a 'steriod diet' - Stack this with a compound designed to preserve muscle mass, and use it strictly as a cutting diet. Because otherwise, I truly don't believe that the quantities you have to take in to build mass would be plausable in one meal without gaining a LOT of fat.

But shit, try it and report otherwise - I honestly love being proven wrong.


I bought it a while back but returned it as it was short on science and long on fantasy. HIs philosophy is interesting but personally going without food all day just makes me peckish and cranky. I'd just get it on interlibrary loan. MHO

(Yes, dammit, I said peckish.)


Is the workout before or after the evening feeding?

And what the hell are "come berries"? I'm not sure I'd want to eat those...


LOL .. My bad , i meant SOME berries .

the feading part is after the workout .And you dont need to take all you food in one meal , but rather take 2-3 meals spaced over a few hours.