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Warrior Dawg Diet???

I have been looking up all the diets on t-mag.com and I like the idea of the warrior diet. I also like the T-dawg diet. So why not combine the 2? Here is what I plan to do starting next week.
I will do low carbs high fat (from Flax seed oil / fish oil)
High protein. I am thinking 50% Protein 50% fat.
My maintance calories are around 3000, so I will cut 500 calories form that to bring me down to 2500 calories a day, most coming at night like the warrior diet.
Starting Mon. morning take 10g of Glutamine @ 7am.
9am: 5g Glutamine.
11am (per workout)Protein shake with 5g Glutamine.
3pm: 5g Glutamine.
Then starting around 10pm Eat anything except carbs.
Then on sunday eat anything I can get my hands on!
Then Monday is back to the Warrior part of the deit.
How does this sound? Do you think that this will be effective?
For workouts I will use the German Body Comp Mon, Tues, Wed.
Sat. during the over eating phase, I will use the German Volume 2000.
May goal is to drop about 5% body fat in 2 months. While keeping my weight around 240-245.
Thanks for the feed back.

It sounds really good to me! The only thing I’d worry about is those horrendous carb cravings you’ll probably get at night when it’s time to start eating. You might add in a big salad with the evening meals. A huge bowl of lettuce, cucumbers and assorted greens with full fat dressing still has very, very few carbs…Not only that but it will go a long way in keeping you regular on the pot.