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Warrior Body and Mind Log

Hi, my name is Matěj.

First of all, sorry for my english, I’m not native speaker.

I’ve been lifting for a few years, with little progres, except this year. That’s because I didn’t worry about food like my dad, but dad was genetic freak. I’m not, unfortunately.

About my dad, he passed away early in March. From then I’m going trough some sort of self realization. How I said my dad was genetic freak, he was just eating and lifting heavy weights.
For example he benched over 200kg for 8 reps in his 50s! I don’t have good genetics but love lifting weights and things. I loved spending time with my dad in our garage gym, it was great. My dad was awesome, but he wasn’t good coach, so I stagnate. Sorry dad.

So why I start this log? Because from my dad’s death I want continue in his legacy. My brother also go to gym, he liked, but do not have passion. I do, I do not lift because I love it, but I am passionate about it.

I want to be man like my dad was. I study and being interested in fitness. I’ve already done my first succesful fat loss.

From september to end of october I was in bulk mode. Gained some muscle, but also fat. So then I am in mini cut diet.

I found T-Nation website and it’s super cool, then found forums and logs, so I decided why not write my log for writing down my progress and see how far I can go with my body. Be as warrior as my dad.

Let’s beggin!

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Sorry about your dad mate

I’ve been there. It’s a cliche but time is a healer

It will also help you put things into perspective and focus on what really matters in life.

Good luck with the log. Let’s get this shit done


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Ok. Today’s training was tough yet fun.
I tried continue with progresive overload, but hit the wall, so for rest of this mini cut I’ll do different approach for getting stronger.

Not adding weights, but increase intensity. Like slow eccentric movements, pause reps, drop sets and so on…

I do for this period PUSH PULL split.

My stats are 180cm, 81,5 kg (since monday, that’s when I started mini cut, I already drop 2,5kg but it was water)

Monday - push
Tuesday - pull
Wednesday - abs or cardio
Thursday - push
Friday - pull
Saturday - running
Sunday - rest or abs

Today was push day.

Fullbody warm up 10 minutes

Before every excersice I do 3 warm up sets.

Overhead press 3x4x88kg
Front squat (weak, but keeping better) 3x4x90kg plus 3x1x90kg
Benchpress 3x4x98kg
Super set Push ups with high legs 3x10 slow reps and DB shoulders press 3x6.

Best song of training: Clawfinger Biggest and the Best

Calories are around 1800 (in bulking I had 2800kcal), feeling pretty good, of course I’m hungry, but it’s for 4 to 5 weeks. Just stay cool and enjoy it.

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I was busy, so no time for writing. From now, I hope, it’ll be better.

I do not FOCUS on weights, but on INTENSITY.

MONDAY was push day.

Squats 4x10 plus 1 dropset CRAZY pump and I was exhausted. Love it.
Seated DB shoulder press 3x12
Bulgarian split squats 3x10, 5 slow reps with DB and 5 to 7 without.
Benchpress 3x12
Positive benchpress 3x10
Head upsidedown slow push ups.

TUESDAY pull day. I was tired, but keep grinding.

Wide grip DL 4x10
Superset Leg curl (slow reps) and pull ups (last 2 reps were really slow negative) 3x10 - 12
Another superset RDL and triceps cable extension (also slow reps 4-4-4) 3x8-10
Lateral raises 2x12-15

Yeah, aggresive deficit is tough, but just 2 weeks are left.

Okay, did not write lately. But Mini cut is over and now I am in crazy bulk up commite.

So, I read T-Nation article https://www.t-nation.com/training/10-things-you-gotta-try-at-least-once
where one thing burn hole in my head, Full body training. Everyday. I like it.

That lead me to Bulgarian training system. And I did my version of it.

Third week in it and I feel great, yeah I know, ended minicut too early, I do not like give up things but this was crazy exciting, I can not resist.

My rules are: Squat everyday. Bench everyday. Do vertical presses everyday. Pull ups everyday. Plus one exercise for rest of parts. And 1 to 2 times do deadlift.

Start on some weight, and everyday do more reps, when I hit 4x8 then add more weight. Every other day I do singles.

It is hard,but I am getting stronger and bigger. And feeling amazing. Never feel like this before. It is strange, but I have feeling this is what I was missing. Do training on daily basis.

You know I go to therapist, have some issues, but training also helping me a lot.

Absolutely awesome!