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Warrior and Anabolic Diet

I got a question. I’ve been doing horrible on the Warrior diet my trying to do only leat meat and veggies. I always overeat because it doesn’t give me energy. Has anyone tried mixing the Warrior and the Anabolic diet? I’m wondering if that is possible and if you did the calorie and math right if you could gain muscle? If there’s any info or suggestions please help out. I’m in dire need.

I’m not familiar with the Warrior Diet, but a lean meat and veggie diet is a prescription for muscle atrophy. Your body will use protein for fuel, and break doen muscle in the process. Why don’t you just do the AD? While you’re at it, you might want ot read some of the articles on this site. I’d start with the ones that emphasize the importance of Omega 3,6,and 9’s in the diet. Fat is not bad!!! If you can’t get past that then there isn’t any hope for you, period.

I like the Warrior Diet because you don’t feel weighed down and I hate counting calories, and I don’t mind fat. I was wondering if you could combine the two. Do fat and low carbs on Warrior Diet during the week and a Carb Up on the weekends with the Warrior Diet.

The above would be the AD. You don’t really need to count the cals as much as the carbs during the week.

So you’re saying you could combine both? I read the Anabolic Diet and it said as long as you got your fat and calories, it didn’t matter how many meals.

Yeaw thats pretty much right.

[quote]KingTAH wrote:
I got a question. I’ve been doing horrible on the Warrior diet my trying to do only leat meat and veggies. I always overeat because it doesn’t give me energy. [/quote]

This is because the warrior diet is shit.

If you’re going to do the AD, do it right.

In the Warrior Diet book, cycling between carb-heavy days and protein-heavy days is actually recommended. No day should be devoid of either nutrient though. Not quite the same as the Anabolic Diet but just an interesting footnote.

I have tried the Warrior Diet and never felt quite right on it. One issue was getting overhydrated and lacking enough electrolytes. Some days I felt like I was living in anticipation of the one big meal too. That really ruined the benefits of not having to worry about eating during the day.

I give every diet I try as fair a shake as I possibly can, and of all the diets over all the years on this site, the Warrior Diet was by far the worst.

If you’re not familiar, this was the original interview with Ori Holfmakler (sp?) that laid it out.

I mean, the guy’s a Penthouse editor for christsake, why wouldn’t we all want to try it? [/sarcasm]

I never had a problem with underfeeding all day, or pigging out in the evening, but I just felt so lethargic all the time, and my training went to shit. And fast. I highly recommend ditching the hybrid idea and sticking with AD - tried it, loved it. Why not the T-Dawg Diet? That was hugely popular IIRC, and may be exactly what you’re looking for.

First thing I would do if I were you is stop being scared of carbs. I love the warrior diet, but I eat carbs with my meal (brown rice, quinoa, etc) and stay very lean and have not lost any muscle as far as I can tell (5’10", 180, around 9-10%bf). But then again, I don’t really give a shit because I’d rather not be a slave to eating and lifting. Find a way of life rather than doing diets and the results will be much better. Good luck.

I’m sorry but I have to disagree. Eating 6 protein meals a day is far superior than the warrior diet will ever be, essentially eating 1 big meal a day, that’s basic bodybuilding nutrition. The Warrior diet sounds like a horrible plan for someone trying to maintain a lean, muscular body, and if you are trying to gain muscle it might be the worst plan. You basically starve your muscles all day and eat one huge meal at night?

If I don’t eat every 3 hrs no matter what diet I’m on I become lightheaded. Also, as you know the body has no storage system for aminos/protein so you need protein every 3 hours. Again, you might become lean, but I think you will be small won’t gain muscle eating like that.

I agree, it isn’t working so well. I’m either always stuffed on the warrior diet and I do feel weak quite a bit. I lost weight but I don’t really have the energy to lift. I agree the AD would be better. I have counting calories and it sounds like on the AD you don’t really have to. The Carb Up is the only confusing part to me, but I’m sure I can get some help.

I was on the warrior diet for three months.Although it sounds good i principle,it sucks in practice.It probobly depends on your lifestyle,but i am active all the time.Overeating in the evening knocks you out and i feltso weak during the day i had to nurse my strength untill i got to my workout.I’m on the AD straight now.