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Warrior/Amino Flood

Theory: After fasting on the Warrior Diet for 18 hours, you flood your bloodstream with Glutamine/BCAA’s. These aminos (typically high blood levels are the result of muscle breakdown) act as a signal to the body to reverse the perceived wasting and up-regulate muscle growth. 30 minutes later you eat (quite a bit of food) and a higher % of those calories go toward building muscle due to the specially timed amino acid flood. Granted, you can only fool the body for so long (5 days on 2 days off?) but has anyone tried this? I believe amino’s act as better signaling agents than as energy substrates/tissue repair agents - especially on a truly empty stomach. Your feedback is appreciated.

My feedback: The Warrior Diet sucks any way you look at it. Most of the T-mag staff agrees. The diet has become somewhat of a laughing stock.

My body spends the 6 hours post-workout doing to brunt of the repair work. However, it then is constantly repairing the damage until it has healed.

Why starve the body when it hasn’t healed yet?