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Warrant and Background Check

So there is a warrant out for my arrest. The reasons why aren’t important, but it basically boils down to me not paying a ticket because they sent the shit to the wrong place and then issued a warrant before I figured out what the problem was.

I need to go to court to fix this but as I’ve changed areas and all court cases of this type are walk-in that is easier said than done. I’m not too worried about the whole thing but I’m applying for jobs at the moment and may get background checked. Is this shit going to show up and fuck me over?

Depending on the job if you have any outstanding warrants they will show up. My suggestion is be up front until you clear it up. It is easier to tell them what they are going to find and why then if they find something and their imagination condems you before hearing your side of the story.

My brother has a checked past and when he took my advice it worked. Do the interview, ask them if they runs checks (they have to disclose that anyway) tell them in advance what they will see, explain the situation and you will at least have a fighting chance.

That is my advice. Good Luck

I think when I’ve had background checks the smallest area they checked was at a state level.

Taking a checkered past into account is one thing - hiring an employee who might get whisked away at any moment is another.

I see from your profile that you live in California. That’s a pretty big state, and since it’s only a ticket that you didn’t pay, it would be unlikely to come up on a background check outside of whatever major metropolitan area you may live near. At worst, it would show up at the state level.

Frankly though, there are a bazillion people out there with warrants of this type. I would take the approach Elder recommended. Just be up front about it. Stuff like that is so minor to most people, I doubt it would even come up as a blip on the radar screen.