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Warp Speed Fat Loss

I’m back everyone. I began a new job in the summer so I haven’t been posting at all. I have however continued to workout of course. After a few stressful weeks my diet went to pot and I gained 5 pounds.

The good news is I’ve been doing this workout from Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Roussel called warp speed fat loss.

The workout isn’t that tough. I mean I sweat buckets and I continue sweating sometimes for an hour or two afterwards. All that means is that I’m burning fat.

I just completed the first week with strict adherence to the diet, except I did have a fall off the wagon on Saturday night. I drank alcohol and ate pizza. Otherwise I’ve been 100% compliant with the workout and progress.

I dropped 8 pounds the first week. Down to 312!!! That’s pretty damn good since I started at 335 and was stuck at 315 for 3 months. I’m writing you all now for encouragement during the next 3 weeks of the program. I’m basically starving right now and the urge to give in and eat is killing me.

I’m eating about 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight. For me that’s around 250 grams per day. Carbs very but I’m keeping them under 50 each day, most of the time, they are under 30 g.

Fat is low too, I’m eating mainly chicken breasts, or lean ground beef.

The only supplements they recommend are the ones I already take:

Fish Oil
Multi Vitamin
Green Tea (Yerba Mate is the one I like)
Protein Powder pre and post workout.

I began taking HOT-ROX to begin to stop the food cravings.

I’ll keep you all posted. I’m wanting to be under 300 by the end of the 4 weeks which they said is pretty attainable as long as I keep my diet under control.

Hope all is well.


Welcome back Walleye!

Keep on posting your training and progress. You will find it a great way to stay on track.

Good to see you back in the saddle Walleye. I’m looking forward to tracking your progress.

312 right friggin on. Great for you walleye, can’t wait to hear the bell ring at 300. Stay the course Bro, the reason you started hasn’t changed. We are here for you, just keep on posting!

Walleye: I am doing a similiar thing. I got rid of my scales though and am measuring the waistline arm and thigh. For the past 3 months. I am down from 47 inches at the waist to this morning 44 3/4. I know this is slow but I am trying to get stronger as I diet. I aim at 1500 calories but usually hit 2000.

I hear you sitting there wanting to eat.
Where is the information on this diet you are following? Hang in there. We are rooting for you. Jerry


The program is worth it. There’s also a lot of extras to the plan as well.

Thanks for the encouragement.

hello walleye

I was a Michigander originally.
Why don’t you post a typical days food consumption. Cosgrove is king in my book.Just a suggestion, get a bag of sunflower seeds-snack on a few of these when hungry followed by a giant glass of water. Remember 5 or 6 well timed meals should serve you well.
good luck

310 today.

The fats coming off my body but I’m so hungry!!!

Because of my size here’s the diet

250-280G protein per day
0 carbs on off day
<30 on cardio/HIIT days
<50 on Weight Days

Fats? I take fish oil and eat only chicken breast and lean steak so my fats are probably <50g per day.

I completed week 2. I’m down 10 pounds. I’m hoping I have time to loss the last 10 pounds before the 2 weeks are up.

The real issue after that will be keeping my weight stable after the 2 weeks.

[quote]ddociam wrote:
Walleye: I am doing a similiar thing. I got rid of my scales though and am measuring the waistline arm and thigh. For the past 3 months. I am down from 47 inches at the waist to this morning 44 3/4.

I know this is slow but I am trying to get stronger as I diet. I aim at 1500 calories but usually hit 2000.

I hear you sitting there wanting to eat.
Where is the information on this diet you are following? Hang in there. We are rooting for you. Jerry[/quote]

Congrats to both of you. I still remember being almost a hundred pounds heavier than I am right now. Life sure is better.


One workout to go this week. I have one week to go. Then I’ll switch over to the afterburn training.

The second week of taking 3 HOT-ROX is done. I’m not ravenous anymore. After I went through this battle of mind over body, the weight is starting to drop off.

I think because in the past I’ve gained weight dieted and then lost 20 - 25 pounds, things happened, stopped training, gained my 20-25 pounds back plus about 10-15.

This is the first time that I broke the plateau, that I fought through the tough food cravings. I’ll be interested to see how much weight I’ll be able to drop now after I broke this stubborn plateau.

Long post,

My buddies are opening a private gym with about 30 or so guys. It’s going to be hard core and I’ll be able to train strongman type training.

I picked up the 6 foot log bar and pressed it over my head a few times and I was hooked. Then I was able to pick up one of those 18 inch stones roughly 300 pounds or so . . . I’m still on a diet and wanting to get to a lower weight but I’m liking this type of training.

According to the 2 guys that are opening the club, they are doing the westside type of training. I can’t type anymore. . . but I’ll keep you posted. This looks like fun to me. I’ve been draging the prowler around and the sleds. It’s definately fun to workout this hard.

There’s a world record history behind the two guys if any are interested.

See you have great support from your buddies in MI. Headed back that way myself in a few months. Better dig out my long under ware.
Of course keep posting -was afraid you disappeared. I think every one would like to hear about world records.

[quote]soldog wrote:
Welcome back Walleye!

Keep on posting your training and progress. You will find it a great way to stay on track.[/quote]

I agree with soldog, posting keeps me on track.

I had fun at the gym today. It was my second workout since I didn’t get finished this morning. We were doing shrugs which I almost never do. We started with 225 then 315, 2 sets of 5 then 405 2sets of three then my partner who is strong puts on two 100s for 605. I look at and wonder if I can evem move it. I picked that sucker up about an inch but couldn’t raise my shoulders but I was pleased that I could pick it up.

My waist seems stuck at 44 and 1/2 inches. My arms and legs have stayed the same for three months. I am not discouraged. My goal is strength and I figure I will get bigger as the weights go up. Well see.

I want to hear about strongman training.

We got powerlifters, highland gamers, bodybuilders and some track and fielders but we ain’t heard nothing from the strongman side o’ the house.

Post some more, please - we’re reading.


This is going to be a long post so bear with me. . . Thanks for the encouragement to post more by the way.

Keep in mind that I’ve been only doing push ups and stuff for fat burning so this is the first time I’ve touched many of these exercises for years.


Decline Bench warm up to one set of 315 for 5 reps.

Fat Bar Bench Press. The bar is unique, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do but I did 3 sets of 315 for 2 reps per set.

Swiss Bar press off the floor. It’s another special bar where you have a narrower grip and palms facing in. It really hit my triceps hard.

275 for 5, 4, and 5 reps

One arm dumbbell press. This is designed to build a lot of stablizing muscles in your core.

75 x 5
85 x 5
95 x 5 Yes I’ll increase my weight this next week.

A bent over row, I don’t know what the machine is called but its so that you can do the bent over rows without burning out your lower back. There’s a pad that your chest rests on.

3 plates for 3 sets of 5 reps

305x5 Yes I’ll have to increase the weight.

6 foot log bar press I don’t know how much this beast ways but it’s heavy.

2, 3, 2 reps

Then I pulled a sled around the parking lot for 5 or 10 minutes


Squats with a safety bar that you don’t have to hold one to. It harnesses around your neck and shoulders. It’s pretty tough because the weight is fairly high on your back.

2 sets warm up

3 sets of 315 for 2 reps per set (yes I know I’m not a good squater)

Leg Press 5 plate, 6 plate per side warm up.

8 plates for 5 reps, easy I’ll need more plates next time.

Reverse hyper. Another unique machine. You lay flat on a platform and secure a belt around your ankles at 90 degrees and then lift the weights so that your legs are parallel with the floor.

1 plate per side, 10 reps easy
2 plates per side 7 reps and 10 reps

The GHR or Glute Ham Raise 1 set of 7

Then I loaded up the prowler and sprinted up and down the parking lot. The prowler is a sled that you push with weights


Sumo Dead Lifts I’m working on getting my form down

405 for 4 sets of 5 Easy, I’ll add 50 pounds next workout.

Hanging Good Mornings The bar is suspended by chains and the bar looks like this [–] except the dash lines are up top and the weights and bands attach to the lower part.

It hangs from chains and you load it up. It’s 36 inches from the floor, so it’s hard for a big guy like me to get under it.

225 for 3 sets of 5 with the bands is like 405 at the top of the lift.

Stone Work with have an 18 inch stone with a lead insert. We guess it weighs about 280-300 pounds. I pick it up and lift it to a full upright position

three sets of 2 This really gets you sweating and breathing hard.

1 lap with the trap bar with 250 pounds for like a farmers walk thing. It’s pretty tough.

That’s it for now, feel free to ask some questions.

Good stuff all of it.

Sounds like you have a well-equipped gym. I’ve heard of all of those tools before and am immortally jealous of you.

Given what you can sumo deadlift with ease I’m surprised your squat isn’t a lot higher. Injury and just being careful?

Sounds like a great set up. You have many strong man comps up your way? Would love to try one but none in this area.

That was some great workouts Walleye. You definitly have some nice equipment to work with, but I would be surprised that there are many who take advantage of it. I built my own sled this summer but am a slacker with it. I have a tire to flip also and like the stone it really gets you sweating.

Going to be doing this stuff in snow before long.
The reverse hyper and good mornings have done wonders for my back.

Actually the gym is yet forming. . . Well private club really. A couple of my friends had some space in a building and the two leaders of the gym are super strong natural powerlifters. One holds a few world records for bench press RAW and dead lift Raw.

I don’t know but one of the guys is really savvy on the internet and I’m sure he’ll try to find me some strongman competitions in the area. If I’m lucky we’ll find 2 per year.

Todays workout was speed bench.

It was 5 set of 3 reps as explosive as you can go. 225 for one set then 185 for the remaining 4.

Suspended bench from floor with the bands holding the bar up so that it gets heavier as you lift. 405 loaded on the bar and you start about 5 inches off your chest.

5 sets of 5 reps. This was really weird but I made it.

Then chest supported Rows 3 plates 3 sets of 5-8 reps

Pull Downs 305 x 6 reps for 3 sets.

Throw type skull crushers with the fat bar 3 sets of 10

Ab work from the tricep push down machine 140 pounds 10 reps. Man these were tough they really get your lower abs.

Hammer curls 3 sets of 8 at 55 dumbbells.