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Warp Speed Fat Loss vs Rapid Fat Loss


I've been losing weight slowly and steadily but want to nail down another few kg's - I'd like to try something different but not sure which one of these is better?

would really appreciate some advice.


Well.... Warp speed sounds faster...

I would just wait for Ludicrous Speed Fat Loss to come out if I were you.



Anyone else have advice to offer? would be very grateful if some proper direction could be given.



What's the difference between "warp speed" and "rapid"?


Loosing fat progressively and slowly is the way the go. If you go to fast, you start loosing everything else.

Just keep loosing 1-2 lbs a week max.

If you are stuck, it's another story.

Sorry, no short cuts or magic pills.


Well neither are geared towards just dropping "a few kgs." I would say neither if that's really your goal.


That's the thing, I feel as if I'm stuck - nope don't want any extra's either....thanks for the info. Will keep at it for now...


Both of them are retarded diet plans in my opinion. If you insist on going with one of them, then go with Rapid Fat Loss (I assume you are referring to the Lyle McDonald approach). At least that has some credibility. However, losing fat very quickly like that is only for people with the tenacity to handle incredible low calorie diets for an extended period (more than 1 week) of time. Most people (no citation on this, just people I've seen) end up crashing and burning and bingeing out and end up fatter than they were before.

If your diet has stalled, or progress is slow, it's most likely time for a small modification to your diet or training, not a completely new diet.


Velocity Diet


I second the V-Diet. read up on it. Or try a pulse fast coupled with your regular diet.


x3 V-Diet is tried and tested