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I don’t mean to be posting a lot, but I feel you guys should be aware of this. Last couple of times(today thurs), while answering a post I had someone take a picture of what I was saying). The computer screen went blank(white) or it flashed(first time). Also, your computer will seem slower than usual. This is done for a reason, for it allows a third party to scan what you are saying. Think of it as if you were taking a picture at night and used a flash, anyways this could indicate that someone is monitoring your computer. If you experience any of this activity, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY!!! By turning off your computer you could stop further damage. I know this because of the nature of work I do for a living and because at work it is something that is done randomly. Also, I have lots of fire power protecting my computer but could not identify who was behind it. I will conduct further research on this and will let you know if I find anything. Be careful, and if something seems a little different with your computer, just turn off your computer and protect yourself against intrutors but buy some software.

do you think the cable company like mine, Road Runner, could be doing it or someone outside there jurisdiction. laters pk

wtf? is this for real?

I tried to find some info for you guys so you understand how shit like this can happen to you. Here it is, and this is how people can get through your computer.
Spyware is any software which takes information from your system without your knowledge or consent. There are multiple types of spyware available including Trojans, Web Bugs, Advertiser software, and Stand-Alone Commercial Computer Monitoring software.
Trojans are programs which are placed on your system by tricking you similar to the story of the trojan horse in Troy.
Web Bugs are ActiveX controls or cookies that track what you do online from web sites.
Advertiser software is software installed with certain ad-supported programs which watches what you do online in order to send you targeted advertising.
Stand-Alone Commercial Computer Monitoring software is software sold for use by bosses, spouses, private investigators, identity thieves, X’s and others for one purpose: to record everything you do on your computer for later retrieval. These include URL recorders, keyloggers, chat monitors, screen recorders, program loggers and more! Do not confuse stand-alone computer monitoring spy software with remote administration products. Most remote administration products (PC Anywhere, etc) are not stealthy and can be stopped by the user on the host end. Remote Administration software can be easily stopped in their tracks by a simple firewall. However, there are certain remote administration packages sold for spying purposes and that run in stealth mode.

wtf does it mean when i get this prompt:

“mcafee firewall has detected a netwear attacker”

i get this shit all day long.

If someone has hacked your system and is spying on you, taking screen captures or logging your keystrokes you won’t even know they’re there. If your monitor is doing anything similar to a camera snapping pictures of you, you might want to back up, sounds like she’s about to blow. If your firewall software is giving you a message saying it caught an attack, that’s a good thing, because once again, if someone has hacked your firewall, you won’t know.

What does it mean when the DEA shows up and asks you to “come with us”?

I don’t know about ya’ll but this is all role play for me…Theory and such…none of us actually condone the use of any illegal substance…not even andro anymore :)…

I’ve done some research and here’s the best software for keeping others from hacking into your computers. This is just a suggestion and obviously you wouldn’t have all these problems…I hope:
The following packages are recommended for complete privacy protection. We’ve selected the recommended solutions based on their primary capabilities as tested on our own machines, not necessarily their marketing sites.
To obtain any third party products,please do a search for the product name on Google:
Threat Solution(s)
Web Bugs: Advertiser spyware SpyBot S&D, Ad-Aware, SpyBlocker
Chat Loggers: SpyCop
Unwanted communications/Remote Admin:Agnitum Outpost Firewall
Viruses:AVG, KAV Lite, AVAST
Email Recorders:SpyCop
Trojans:TDS-3, BoClean
Password Recorders SpyCop
Non-resident Internet Advertiser Popups:Popup Blocker
Modem Hijackers:StopITnow
Junk files left on your hard drive:Evidence Terminator
Screen Recorders:SpyCop
Spam Management:MailWasher, Benign (FireTrust)
Browser Hi-Jacking:SpywareGuard, SpywareBlaster
Internet URL Loggers:SpyCop

These software products are in my view the best available and would take care of most of your hijacking problems. Hope this helps. E-Mac

good post emachine. lmao warhorse.

Are you guys serious?
Do you think any hacker cares enough to want to see the porn that you download or the naked pictures of your wife in your My Documents?

I guess if you do online banking that could be serious…

speaking of people getting into your computer…here’s more big brother at work… http://news.com.com/2100-1028-5172948.html

It means you’re going to get a plunger up your ass Warhouse. damn feds

Yes big brother and the internet provider are watching. One day I was looking at porn on my Mac
and my provider Comcast sent a warning over the
screen at it read if you keep browsing on these web
site it will be reported to the F B I. I call them up
I told them I look at porn anytime. They looked
up the history they said you have been warn.
I still look at porn.

Kenb…you are absolutely right. Here’s what most people don’t realize. Your cable company might provide the fastest service on the net(although debatable)yet, I found out that they actually have to report any activity that might be suspicious. Now, going to a porn site like you mentioned wouldn’t constitute a felony of any kind, I wouldn’t think(unless is child pornography, which I hope no one here is that sick);, however, they still report it. Be aware that they have the capability to spy on you at any time, even if you have tons of fire power. Everything you do is kept on a database and every once in a while they have to audit their databases and clean it out. Now this is not safe if you are ordering anabolics online. Furthermore, they are audited by the government quite often and it’s really a 50-50 call. Your account might be audited or it may not…Cable companies such as Comcast are government friendly…remember that. Spycop is in my view one of the best softwares available and you can download it for free for private use. It will let you know of any software that might allow intruders to spy on you. Just be aware of it and periodically clean your system. By periodically, I mean weekly! Hope this helps.

props and thanks to E-machine, laters pk


This could be a bigger brother. I am sure everybody already knows about the microchip called Mondex by Mastercard that they would like to you to implant into your hand. Imagine that shit.

Hey what’s up guys? Haven’t been around these parts in awhile… and then I read E’s post. H@ly sh*t!! About a month or so I had the flashing screen. I thought it was a power surge or a hard drive problem, but it stopped after 2 days. My computer was working fine so I didn’t sweat it, but now… I don’t think anything fishy was going on at the time when it did occur. I mean I wasn’t placing any orders I shouldn’t have been. Keeping my fingers crossed and looking to add to my arsenal of Adaware and spybot. Thanks for the info E, and it feels good to be back. I finally have a lull in my teaching and course work and am back in the gym after the past 10 weeks. Peace.

I have a question about the flashing screen thing here. Is it like your monitor is shorting out? Sorta like when your TV gets turned off and then back on? I hear a noise and everything when it does flash like someone actually shutoff my monitor for a split second, could this be what you are talking about or do I need a new monitor?

Two things could happen RU, it could go blank for no apparent reason(everything is working fine and out of nowhere it goes blank)- it goes totally white, as if someone put a white sheet of paper on your screen. Second, you could have a flash, very similar to taking a picture at night. It is done so quicky, you won’t even blink or know what hit you. Hope this helps. E-Mac