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i just overheard a guy at the record store telling his buddy that he had to stop using protein powder because it was making him to agressive. he went on to say that he drew the line when he almost attacked his best friend, simply because he was all jacked up on the protein powder.

so a warning to all of you out there that use protein powder, be sure you use this stuff safely. follow the recommendations on the label, and cycle on and off properly. you never know when you just might snap!


Thank GOD you told me in time!

I'll go dump those 4 new jugs of LC Grow down the crapper now, before it's too late.

Those Biotest bastards never told me that shit would get me all jacked up.


I recently heard about a guy who had maybe four shakes of protein poweder in one day!

He went berserk and punched out two cops!

I tried to warn him about getting into the protein but he didn't listen. Sad man.


I like to freebase my protein


Wow you guys sound like my mom. She thinks the protein powder I take is steroids. She tells me all these stories about people she knows who take protein and get sick and die. I love my mom, shes so old fashioned.


hey maybe thats why everyone is always arguing with each other on these boards.


Probably... gives their product and edge.


I saw a ninja once totally flip out and kill not one, but three people cause he ate a lot of protein one day. That was totally sweet.


Yeah, its a shame to see good people just waste their lives away, strung out on protein. And worse, this stuff is all over the streets. Anybody can get it.


Wow, some people really are complete and total tools. I was recently told by a female co-worker that she made her husband stop taking creatine because it was making him too violent. Bwahahahahaha! Better not eat beef or fish because those have alot of creatine too, it'll make you get roid rage dude. I guess protien really is evil...


The worst part about that protein powder crap is that it makes your testicles shrink to the size of marbles!


I heard that protein makes your balls shrink caus all of them amino acids, wich makes sense...but could it also make your penis shrink too???!


I had a friend in one of my classes about a year ago. He knew I lifted, so he wanted to talk to me about it. He was "all natural" which meant no protein powders since it was hard on the liver and no creatine since it caused inexplicable rage. I never take the time to correct people that think things like this. I just act like I'm surprised and I must not have heard that before. If they can't take the time to do ANY research, then let em be ignorant.


And don't even get me STARTED on the whole acne thing.


And the withdrawl is dibilitating on the body! Stick with Trans Fatty Acids to be safe.


Yeah I hate it when call protein powders and multi-vitamins "not natural" and are like "I'm doing it the natural way." What's the difference between my protein powders and their Ramen Noodle meals that makes it unnatural? Besides there is more protein in the powders, they are both processed.


I think that the liver and kidney damaging effects only apply to oral protein powders. I use kits to convert my protein and inject it, but sometimes I apply it topically too, but that looks kinda funny and it itches.


You guys are awesome. I really needed a laugh.


I was thinking about making my powder into suppositories, but I guess protein suppositories would be kinda gay.


I was wondering why I have a moustache now. And I thought shaving my legs was a pain in the ass.