Warning to dog owners!

Keep ibuprofen away from dogs at all costs! Do not give it to them, do not leave it lying around and do not store it within their reach. They are drawn to the scent and taste of it and it is extremely lethal to them.

My sister has two dogs and one of them got into a friend of her’s purse. She chewed through a bottle of advil and opened the container up. That night the other dog became extremely lethargic, throwing up, lost bowl and bladder fucntion. They could not tell how many she ate. The gave her the liquid charcol and she threw none of them up. They do not know if she will live. Then 2 days after, last night, the 2nd dog had the same type of attacks. The do not know if she will live either.

One pill of advil is enough to kill a 10lb dog and these are 50lb+ dogs. For them to have the attacks they had they most likely ingested 5 or many more pills. If they survive they will most likely have life long kidney problems.

We all know you’re not supposed to give your dog medicine thats not perscribed for them but it was startling to see what problems and the magnitude of them ibuprofen can cause.

dogs are like children…

lock everything up.


I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info PGA. Beware of chocolate also.

I agree jay but this was in her purse that was zipped up. I guess she could smell it through the purse and was able to get into it.

great message, it’s the same deal with tylenol…thanks for posting this

They’re probably attracted to the candy coating on the pills. Terrible to hear about your sister’s dogs! I hope they pull through.


My dog loves chocolate. He devoured the 1 lb chocolate easter bunnies my grandma used to give me two years in a row. Scared the hell outta me. The second time he actually climbed on top of a chair to get it, haha.

I think the theobromine and caffeine in chocolate can cause atrial fibrillation, which is not good since your dog can’t tell you if his heart is racing.

First off, this is really good advice, and an important issue to bring up.

They (the dogs)aren’t going to throw up by having activated charcoal administered to them. Activated charcoal deactivates whatever might be affecting the animal and they will then have dark tarry stools.

Ipecac makes you yak, Charcoal makes you hit the bowl.


Brad but the charcol does tend to induce vomiting. Most dogs cannot tolerate it and vomiting is induced. Its works both ways. The vomiting is a by product of the charcol being used not the sole reason it is used. It will get up whats still in the stomach and also deactivate whats left in it if they can keep it down.

there is a ton of things dogs shouldn’t eat…

chocolate, coffee, coffee beans, some fruits, tylenol, medications, plants etc.

like i said before… dogs are like children …with ‘incredible’ sense of smell. I should know, I have a jack russell terrier. They are the ‘original trouble makers’.

hope your pooches pull through.


honey is a good sweet treat for dogs, been giving mine one teaspoon a day he loves that shit

Thanks man.Luv my dogs more than most of my family.

Good luck PGA, hope your dog is ok.

I also have a jack russell, and he gets into everything. He opened a book bag of mine to get gum, and has eaten through a jacket pocket to get gum. Thats only 2 of a million things he has destroyed, but I love him anyway. So much fun having such a small dog that is so damn tough.

PGA: forgot to say, I hope your sisters dogs are ok and recover, I would be losing my mind if it was one of my dogs.
Peroxide (3%) works great for making dogs vomit instantly and is safe. I’ve had to use it when they got into a mess of chocolate.
Another thing you have to watch is tomato plant leaves if you grow em in your yard as I do…very bad.
I forget who mentioned the jrt, but my uncle lost his when he left a plastic bag containing some peanuts lying around. Little guy got his head in to grab some peanuts and could’nt get out and went tits up. Uncle was devistated as it was his best friend and he still feels some awful guilt for leaving the bag lying around.
When you have a dog, you really do have to puppy proof the house and yard.

Wow. I really feel for your sister, PGA; I hope her doggies pull through.

I have two border collies, one of whom loves ingesting all kinds of health and beauty aids and will find used chewing gum ANYWHERE!

Another caveat: I read somewhere that macadamia nuts will paralyze a dog. Also, pennies and cigarettes are lethal. These seem like unlikely “treats,” but as all dog owners know, anything goes! One of my borders chewed up a $10.00 bill that belonged to my T-Man! He was none too happy about that purely spiteful maneuver; the dogs were vying for my attention (and losing!)at the time.

I had to put one of my dogs down last Wednesday. She was a 16 year old Samoyed/Golden mix that my wife rescued when she was 6 weeks old. When she was 11, a coyote came into the yard and tried to snag my 4 month old female black lab puppy. Doodlebug charged the coyote, they both reared up snarling and snapping. Doodlebug fought off the coyote and then the coyote ran away. Doodlebug didn’t have a scratch on her. She had the run of the house after that.

Avoids: Sorry to hear that you had to put down your pup, I sympathize with how difficult that is. Sounds like she lived a long and well loved life though.

I have a bit of a horror story of my own. This happened last year. I came home in a bit of a rush, and put my lunch bag on the ground, which didn’t contain any food. I ran to the store and when I came back, I found my dog had tore open the side pocket of my lunch bag and consumed a full pack of Orbit gum (spearmint), 2 bags of green tea, and about 12 ECA caps I had in a zip lock baggie. Needless to say, she was pretty amped up when I came home from the store. When I realized what happend, I rushed her to the Veterinary clinic where they gave her a shot to induce vomiting. Then they gave her some activated charcoal. She was up all night panting, but she’s still with us.

My lab will really eat just about anything. I give her fish/flax caps and she eats them like a treat. Infact, I haven’t found anything she won’t eat. So, now we’re really careful about what hits the ground, and what we leave lying around.

Thanks for the peroxide tip! I have some epicac, but I heard that wasn’t a good choice. I’ll pick up some peroxide at the grocery store.

Why is it bad to feed dogs chocolate? I’ve always heard this but I never knew why.

I think Scrub mentioned it. It contains a stimulant that dogs are sensitive to. Their heart will race and with moderate to large amounts, can cause death.