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Warning About ALIN


I received this in my email recently (from another message board), and I thought I'd post it here because nobody else seems to have picked up on it. I hate getting scammed by rogue sources, and this may just save some of you your money if you ever decide to order from this guy:

" Alin from Alinshop, Ivitamins and worldsportenergy has been thrown off the BritishDragon approved vendor list because he is a scammer.Alin will attempt to discredit BritishDragon in any way he can with malicious lies. He has stolen British Dragon stock when he can, has tried to steal their logo. He has been thrown off their approved distributors list for selling counterfeit products and he is ratting on other BD suppliers and some of his customers. to view the rest of the story log in to genxxl.com/showthread.php?t=13227Warmest RegardsTeam GenXXL "

As far as I know, this is a pretty open source board, so it should be alright to post this notice here.


Alin from Alin shop is the best source I have ever used. I have been using him for 8 years.


Apparently he is a selective scammer, looking after some customers well and sending them the goods they ordered, while fleecing others. You're probably one of the lucky ones, or one of his better customers..


I made an order with Alin (Ivitamins), and it went like this:
I received half my order because they sent it in 2 different packages to make it more discreet, and one never made it. I emailed them about this, and they informed me that the second package was sent. After a little while, I knew it wasn't coming. It must have been snagged by customs. Now, sometimes Canadian Customs doesn't send a notice, and they either pocket or trash your shit. Ivitamins requires you to send a seizure notice in order to resend your package. I did not have one. They resent my order anyway. It arrived in about a week. I thought their customer service was EXCELLENT.

That is my personal experience with Alin. If you think that I am a valued customer, I guess I am. That was my first order with Alin, and it will not be my last.


Johny, are you sure you're just a hater? LOL..



That is Fucking BULLSHIT. Alin is the best in the biz considering the amount of customers he deals with on a daily basis. The real truth is he is part owner of British Dragon and his other partners are trying to screw him by not allowing him the licensing of the name British Dragon after he bought them out.

He explained all of this on his website. He will be taking his company(British Dragon) and will be having to change the name to something else because he doesn't own the rights on it.


I'm at a loss on this one,

I have never personally dealt with Alin, but I know reliable people that truly feel they were scammed.

I also know some people that have always had a good experience with him, and have nothing but good things to say.

The Alin's story about British Dragon sounds a little fishy, but then again what incentive does GenXXL have in spaming everyone about this "decertification" information?

I imagine the truth lay somewhere between both sides of the story. In all honesty both GenXXL and Alin come out of this with some questionablity, whether it was justified or not.


Anthony Roberts gives us all some insight into the BD vs A situation in his blog: www.anthony-roberts.com/blog/?p=77

Here's the thing. If you find a good source you'll be like: cool. However, if you feel you get ripped off then you'll be posting on every message board you can what a F-in scammer that site was too you.

Given the volume A does he's going to have dissenters. However, most people I hear complaining about A complain about products not received rather than fakes.

Given Anthony Roberts take, my personal experience, those I know first hand who ordered with A and general consensus I'll continue to support A.

Again, let's say 95-97% of his customers are happy and satisfied. That's an A in school and a very decent success rate for most any business. Now its not cool for those 3-5% who never got their gear but that's the percentages. If I supply to 1000 people a month and 35 don't get their stuff that's pretty darn good. If you supply to 20000 people a month and 700 don't get their gear its the same percentage. Only now you have 700 people who have a chance to find each other on the Internet; share their common experiences and begin a cult against that fraudulent supplier.

I feel bad for people who do lose their shipments, get fakes or what not but there's no guarantees in the mail order biz. A is still an A in my book


I dont know it looks kinda like a T-Nation nockoff . Checkout their home page and you'll notice alot of weird similarities


only diffrence is they tried to make it like a computer program.


Also remember A and G are direct competitors for your gear dollar. If the one can pull business away from the other that's good business.


There is some serious back stabbing going down between Alin and the business partners he had at British Dragon. Alin owns the trade name British Dragon.

Alin posted about this on some public forums with links to the documents where he owns the names. He posted on Public forums because the truth will not get edited out, like it does at GenXXLGear forums.

You can read about it first hand, from Alin at www.overseaspharmacy.com/ but their website is down for the time being.

You can read about it in Anthony Robert's blog:

I would not take the email you received as a guarantee Alin is a scammer. Do some research and forulate your own opinion.


I have never gone through him, but when I was first looking for a source his name came up. I was unhappy with how many times I heard someone complain about poor communication, heavy delays, or just plain got fucked out of their cash.

I have continued to see people post stuff about him being a selective scammer up til this thing with british dragon. Just my thoughts on the deal. I would still not order with him.....



I've used him, and had no issues..everything arrived pretty fast....I have no complaints at all. No matter how good someone is to deal with...there will always be people unhappy...as well as very jealous competation.


I have heard many good things about Alin's service and products, and many bad things too. I would not jump to conclusions over a single email from another board. But it is a bit suspect that whenever he sells stealth, it takes longer to arrive than the regular gear like vials and tabs. The whole purpose of stealth is to breeze through customs, yet why the lengthy delays in receiving it that people have reported?

Also, why does half an order arrive, then the other half get delayed or possibly seized? Perhaps he over-sells on products he doesn't have in stock, dispatches partial orders, and then has to source more stock, and wait for that to arrive, before sending out the rest of people's orders.

I'm not hatin' on him, never tried him before as a source, but do think he's not very good at customer relations. I have communicated by email with him and didn't find his service or responses helpful at all.

I only decided to bring this issue to light to find out what's really going on, and prevent any others from wasting their hard-earned money, just in case, if the possibility arises, that he really is a selective scammer.

I think fatsuperman hit the nail on the head when he said that the truth is most likely a mixture of the good and the bad about Alin and BD.


It seems Alin owns the name British Dragon in 51 countries. GenXXL now owns the rights to the BD website. It is a lot of foul play and backstabbing going on. I have access to Alin's side of the story which I can post if you guys would like it.

I personally have never ordered from Alin but have definitely heard mixed reviews. Alin is a regular poster on another board I visit sometimes.


Here's the other thing. One source, website, underground lad, etc. out there is going to have people who swear by it and people who diss it.

A has more detractors probably because he's been in the game so long. Make no mistake there is no such thing as a sure thing in this gear game.

I'm neither saying A is best or worst in the biz. I am saying the biz is the biz and you just gotta deal with it.

If you like A order from him. If you wanna go elsewhere there's several choices as well.


I post mainly over at EF and I've heard the story from 100 different angles.

It is a combination of Alin's slipups as well as people just trash talking BD. There are just so many BD fakes out there that it's hard to tell who's right and wrong.. Hell, IP is still making fake QV gear!!

I just don't see the need in ordering internation when there are so many good domestic UGlabs that cost 1/2 of what Alin's gear is..



The best thing to do is back off Alin for a while and see what comes out in the wash..Rumors run amok even if they are based on facts..There are plenty of other places out there to get supplies so there is no need to panic...All is well and the world will continue to rotate on it's axis


my product was seized, but it took 90 days to get here.


Taking this thread in a bit of a different direction, has anyone noticed how hostile the whole biz gets in regards to competition?

We've all seen how ugly the battles get in regards to research chems, and a lot of the backstabbing and misinformation about so-called scammers comes from competitors trying to cast aspersions about each other.

Alls fair in business I guess, but it seems like this stuff goes overboard more often than not when steroids are involved.