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He may be the wizard of spin but he ain’t that bright is he?
Apologies to those from the US, but the Poms Aussies and Kiwis will understand.

It’s all his mums fault i tells ya!!!.

It’s not my fault!

I agree. By the way did you see Keryn Phelps (Australian Medical Association President) taking the piss out him yesterday?

She said he was either taking it to hide something or because of his pre menstraul stress…

this isnt the first time he has been stupid either, remember when he gave info on pitch condition?

Not the only time he’s been stupid, man, the guy is one living PR disaster. Yeah I remember the pitch disaster, the smoking when sponsored by Nicorete (or similar co.), the phone sex with the waitress, the sledging apology, there are so many incidents it’s hard to recall them.

Chris, I didn’t catch that particular comment but it’s all anyone has been talking about on sports talk here. Interesting that he’s ‘outed’ on the A sample only.

hey hyphnz bro, very funny hes a fucken idiot.