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Warmups for Deadlift and Squats?


what are some of your prefered exercises/warmups before doing Deadlifts and Squats, if any?

DL: I like to do 45 deg back extensions, good mornings, KB swings

Squat: BW squats, OH Squats, medicine ball lunges (holding ball overhead to stretch the hip flexors)


After the general warm-up (5 mins rope skipping + a mobility drill), I do power clean before deads and OH squat before squat.


For me, 5 min or so on an exercise bike and I'm golden for squats..deads maybe some light good mornings.


I always warm up my chest and shoulders before back squats. I can't position the bar comfortably without good flexibility there. A few quick pushups and static stretching does the trick.


What I do:


Full Body streching then a few mins on the bag to get my heart rate up and im ready to go.



X2 on the power cleans. Helps my warm-ups stay explosive and I feel it has a great carry-over to my work-sets.
I usually just do various squatting positions with plenty of sets with just the bar but I think I'll give the over-head squats a try as well.

Also, shoulder dislocations do wonders for loosening my shoulders up for low-bar squats


I do Heavy Partial DL
Make the real DL much lighter for some reason
Right now i'm on the IBody Phase II load of fun, never a dull moment


16 Mountain Climbers
14 Mountain Climbers - Knees to Outside of Elbows
5 Squat Thrusts
5 Squat Thrusts - Knees to Outside of Elbows
10 Press Ups
10 Burpees (with press up)

Stretch + Shoulder Dislocations / BW Hip thrusts / Bird Dog / 'Side Lying Windmill'
(Dependent on what I'm doing that day)


Usually gets my heart pumping, and my lower body loosened up a bit.
Sometimes on front squat day I'll only do 5 burpees in each set but make sure each one i'm exploding up as high as I possibly can and trying to use my glutes etc.

However the thing that warms me up the most is the warm up reps before my work sets.


lol. I do squats and deadlifts to warm up for squats and deadlifts.

Start with the bar on Squats & 225 with deads.


I like to do leg extensions to warm up my knees and then after that just warm up sets with less weight. Sometimes I do a few quick stretches too

I find that just those are more than adequate.


x3 on power cleans. 133 and then every 11 pounds up to 220, my current max.


Here I was thinking I was the only normal one here.

Or maybe we're the anomolies, I'm not sure. A little odd either way.


Not even for glute activation?
Sometimes my booty breaks :frowning:


Yeah, I was laughing.

Your arms are coming in pretty fucking swole man.


This x 100.

I'm trying not to lift more than 80% of my first set on warm up, I go even more conservative and say 50% of first set for a warm up. For front squats I start with the bar to get my grip in alignment.