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Warmups Before Oly Lifts


What do you guys do for warming up before picking up the bar?

Andy said something about a warmup on Catalyst Athletes website.

I think it was this: http://www.cathletics.com/articles/article.php?articleID=38



I do this warm up from their site.

I have been plagues by flexibility problems since i have started lifting. After my last comp i pulled my quad and spent some time with the PT to get my hams loosened up. After a month of PT i was more flexible but i still did not have good mobility. After doing the CA warmup series for 2 weeks i am just about fixed as far as my bottom position goes for snatch and front squat. This warm up has been a huge benefit to me and i recommend it to anyone not just lifters.


Thanks a lot


I do a bunch of EVA foam and hard plastic ball (softball sized) rolling. Rolls away most of the stiffness in the muscles. Do some mobilization exercises for ankles, hips, and thoracic spine, too. Insofar as there may be a slight loss in strength from the rolling it is more than made up for by the gains in mobility. Then spend quite a bit of time with just the bar trying to get the positions smooth and comfortable and the transitions between them.