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Warmups and Junk Volume for Natural Lifters

Hello Christian,

I hate to mix and match training systems but I like the idea of warming up with bodyweight exercises to break a sweat because I hate stretching, I don´t have cardio equipment and I always train in my basement.

Can I warmup with 100 bodyweight or weight vest squats on lower body days or 100 pushups on upper body days before any training template?

I want to stay healthy, don’t train like a asshole, I don’t want wear and tear on my hips, create worse joint disfunction, create unnecessary mileage or load the spine unnecessarily!

Also, is this too much unnecessary junk volume when I do 100 squats before the main lift two times per week?

My goal is to increase GPP and activate the muscles I use in the workout with a traction based movement.

Context, non powerlifter, average meathead, non enhanced athlete.

You guys are one of the smartest guys in the business and I believe in what you say, so please be honest.

Thank you very much

did you already do 100 push up ? i think it can count as an exercise and not a warm up ? maybe like an ACTIVATION

As a warm-up just make sure that the RPE doesn’t exceed 6 or 7. This means around a 70% effort. For example if you can do 50 unbroken push-ups 70% would be sets of 35 push-ups.