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Warmup weight-sets required

Hello everybody,
I am told that when lifting weights, you ‘have’ to warmup with lighter weights. I think I read in some website that lifters should have one warmup weight set for every 50 pounds to be lifted in the last sets- known as work sets.
It appears that I’ll be doing more warmup-weighted sets, than I’d like. That’s if I follow this procedure.
Do I need to do that. What happens if I don’t?
Thanks in advance.

I basically only do warm up sets for my first big movement in the workout. My A workout starts with pull-ups (one set bodyweight, then with the dipping belt), then to squats, where I do 3 warm-up sets (only 3-5 reps per set). My B workout starts with deads, where I do 3-4 warm up sets (only 2-4 reps per set). After that I’ve got the circulation going pretty well, so I don’t worry too much about warm ups. I’m starting to integrate a warm up set for benches, though, which follows deads in my routine.

do whatever it takes to get yourself ready. its your body, you should know. i have realized as i get older that i need more warm up sets than when i was younger. even some days now i need more than others. just depends on how you feel, the weather, aches and pains from previous workouts, how you slept the night before, etc.

Like the others said, I think it depends on your body and what you need to feel right. I never did many warm-ups when I was younger. And I know that probably contributed to injuries as well as lack of progress. Warm-ups can be done a number of ways.

As for actual warm-ups with weights, I like to do as Poliquin, Staley and Tate recommend. Do numerous low-rep sets (5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1) adding 20-50 pounds each set until you get to your working sets. That seems to work best for me. On those rare days when I lift for more reps (10 or more) and less weight, I do as King recommends and use one or two warm-up sets. The first set with 50% of my working weight and the second with 80% of my working weight.

Following Ian King’s programs, I’ve come to a greater appreciation of warm-up sets, not only for the physical act of “warming up” the joints & muscles in question, but also for setting the “groove” for the movement I’m about to do, & setting up & practicing good form before I pile on the weight. In “12 Weeks to Super Strength, phase 2,” King says “I like to use a warm-up set every time I take a new body position (regardless of how slight) and the work reps are ten or less.”

As for whether or not you like doing all those warm-up sets, try 'em (honestly & seriously) & see if they make a difference for you. We all do stuff we don't like to get the results we want. Why should warm-up sets be any different than "eating your spinach"?

I hate warming up, but I love spinach… especially boiled when it’s all soggy and mushy. Call me weird.

… oh, wait… were you speaking metaphorically? :o)

Hard to know with me. Things can be literal, metaphorical, archetypal, analogical, anagogical – & God only knows what else – all at the same time, but, of course, without admixture or confusion, separation or division.

OY! I can’t belive I fell for that so quickly.

T-Rev, who obviously needs to get out more. [(:-)# >+